Free Trader, Far Trader, Deep Trader, and Fat Trader (Subsidised Merchant)

Free Trader is the term given to an independent interstellar merchant ship, which plys the space lanes carrying cargo and passengers. Usually, a free trader is a 200-ton vessel capable of jump-1. The Craft Type Code assigned to these ships is A. An example of this type of ship is the standard 200-ton Beowulf-class free trader.

Far Trader is a variant designation of a free trader. A far trader has a higher jump capacity than a free trader; usually a jump-2 capability (twice that of normal). The Craft Type Code assigned to this type of ship is A2. A standard example of this type is the 200-ton Empress Marava-class far trader.

Deep Trader is another, rarer, variant of a free trader. Built for areas of low stellar density, deep traders are jump-3 capable. The Craft Type Code assigned to this class is A3. Since these ships are generally custom-built or produced in low quantities, no standard example exists.

Fat Trader is a disparaging term used to describe a Subsidised Merchant. This is a 400-ton merchant starship of ubiquitous design, generally run under the auspices of a world government (with a subsidy). Only capable of jump-1, the vessel has a much higher cargo capacity than its independent cousins. Even so, many independent merchants look on these ships with disdain, because they believe that receipt of the subsidy makes their captains and crew lazy. The Craft Type Code assigned to this class is R.

(ADV-3, 1106; BOOK-7, 1107)

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