The common language of the Droyne.

For centuries, only the vast distances separating Droyne worlds from each other concealed the fact that they all had a common language. That is not to say that every Droyne spoke the same language; indeed, different Droyne communities spoke different languages, often very different languages. However, all Droyne communities shared one common language - Oynprith, the language used in the coyn casting ceremony. Outsiders missed Oynprith simply because it was not used in public very often; it had a status as a ritual or ceremonial language, much like the status of Latin on Terra ( Sol / Solomani Rim 1827).

In interstellar commerce, Oynprith was soon discovered by Droyne to be a universal language among their race; as trade increased, Oynprith became more commonly used, finally reaching a status as the universal Droyne language.

(ALIENS-5, 1111)

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