Rule of Terra

Solomani terrorist group active on selected regions of the Solomani /Imperial border. Violently anti-Imperial even by the standards of most Solomani political groups, the Rule of Terra seeks to force the return of all "rightful Terran property" to Solomani hands through assassination and other acts of violence.

The organisation, although interstellar in scope, was apparently not a very strong organisation in the beginning; some of its claimed attacks have proved to be accidents, while others were the work of different dissident individuals or organisations.

The Rule of Terra's acts, although not its goals, have been disavowed by many other Solomani groups, including the Confederation government; in return, the Rule of Terra has attacked even Solomani populations, by stating that "all who do not contribute to the Manifest Destiny of the Race are not worthy to be part of the Race".

MT Version MegaTraveller update

(MT-ENCYC, 1120)

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