Scout Base

Scout Base on a Gas-Giant's Moon (artist Jesse DeGraff, used with permission): click for larger imagePort facility for the support, maintenance, and repair of Scout vessels.

The Scout Service maintains a variety of scout bases scattered throughout the Imperium, with installations tending to be on less well-developed worlds with starports type C or D. Scout bases tend to be surface installations equipped with basic facilities for fuelling and for minor maintenance activities oriented toward ships of 1,000 tons or less.

Scout bases are positioned in systems more out of the way than are naval bases, and for a reason. The scout bases serve as a source of ships carrying dispatches from the well-travelled xboat lanes to more remote worlds.

Scout bases also have other responsibilities, and most have an administrative responsibility in addition to the maintenance and refuelling of scout ships. Within a subsector, one base will hold responsibility for cartography within the subsector, another will be responsible for technical developments, and still another for contact or liaison activities.

The scout base is more extensive than an xboat station , but less comprehensive than a way station .

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