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5. GURPS Traveller (aka "GT")


GURPS Traveller: Starports cover (artist Jesse DeGraff); click for larger image GURPS Traveller: Starports (GT-STARPORTS)
Full details on starports, including classes of starport, the Imperial Starport Authority's role and organisation, planetary relations (including the XT line and Startown), characters, designing starports, starport campaigns, new equipment and sample 'ports.
John M. FORD and James D. MALISZEWSKI, based on the award-winning Traveller science-fiction universe by Marc MILLER, edited by Gene SEABOLT and Gareth SKARKA, cover artwork by Jesse DeGRAFF, artwork by Jesse DeGRAFF and Glenn GRANT, additional illustrations by Ed NORTHCOTT and Joey ROBINSON, maps and deck plans by Andy AKINS and Mark COOK, technical assistance by Henry REITWIESNER, Dan MELSON and Robert GILSON, additional material by Shawn FISHER, Thomas SKINNER, Jim MACLEAN, Hans RANKE-MADSEN, ans Ian WHITCHURCH, playtested by Hubert BARTELS, Peter DELL'ORTO, Christian FRIBERG, William GOLSON, John GROTH, Owen KERR, David MORGAN-MAR, Robert PRIOR, David SUMMERS and Christopher THRASH, published by Steve Jackson Games ©2000 (first edition March 2000), Product Number SJGO1995 6610.
128 page book, original cover price AUD$36.95. Current to 1120 [GT-alternate] Imperial.

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