Unprocessed Substances

Raw materials that have had some basic refining done to remove their major impurities.

Only large corporations can afford to ship totally unrefined materials through jump. The large transportation costs involved are offset by shipping in huge bulk carriers. Speculative purchasers, however, find it uneconomical to ship such materials unless basic refining has occurred.

Purchases are generally bulk versions of standard cargo containers filled with ore. Each container is 4 displacement tons (54 cu. m.) in volume.

Refined Ores

Refined Non-metal Ores

Ores of elements in the p-sublevel periodic block (or Groups III to VI). Includes silicon and arsenic, both of which are semiconductive and used in computer chips.

Substance Volume (cu. m.) Weight (T) Price (Cr)
Refined Non-metal Ores 54 135 2700 x 2D

Containers Available: 1D x 10.

Refined Ferrous Metal Ores

Ores that primarily contain iron, either FE2 or Fe3. Impurities such as oxygen are later smelted out.

Substance Volume (cu. m.) Weight (T) Price (Cr)
Refined Ferrous Metal Ores 54 300 40000

Containers Available: 3D.

Refined Non-ferrous Metal Ores

Ores that primarily contain metals other than iron.

Substance Volume (cu. m.) Weight (T) Price (Cr)
Refined Non-ferrous Metal Ores 54 300 160000

Containers Available: 1D.

Refined Radioactives

Crudely refined thorium or uranium.

Substance Volume (cu. m.) Weight (T) Price (MCr)
Refined Radioactives 54 540 1

Containers Available: 1D.

Radioactives are potentially hazardous.Roll 15+ on 2D for a leak to occur during loading or shipment; DM + 6 if ship is hit by enemy fire. Dust may clog air filters and contaminate them, may short out circuitry (roll a 2D mishap; referee must decide what ship system is affected), and may cause mild radiation sickness.

Other Refined Substances

Raw Hydrocarbons

Petrochemicals shipped to other worlds and turned into polymers and other products. For shipping purposes, these are identical in characteristics to Petrochemicals found in the Chemicals table from an Industrial World.

Substance Volume (cu. m.) Weight (T) Price (Cr)
Raw Hydrocarbons 54 48 12000

Containers Available: 1D.

Type Corrosive Explosive Flammable Perishable Poisonous
Petrochemicals 10+ 7+ 3+ --- 8+

See Chemicals for the effects of each characteristic.

Raw Crystals

Rough-cut crystals (usually quartz-type) used by the electronics or gravitics industry because of their properties or structure.

Substance Volume (cu. m.) Weight (T) Price (Cr)
Raw Crystals 54 210 4000 x 2D

Containers Available: 1D.

Raw Precious Gems

Uncut gemstones, prized as jewellery or just for industrial usage.

Substance Volume (cu. m.) Weight (T) Price (Cr)
Raw Precious Gems 54 52 15000 x 2D

Containers Available: 1D.

Actual Value Modifiers
  Purchase Resale
All Refined Ores (except Radioactives) I - 3, R - 2, P + 1 I - 3, R - 1
 Refined Radioactives  I + 7, NI - 3, R + 5  I + 6, NI - 3, R - 4
 Raw Hydrocarbons A - 4, I + 1, NI - 5, Fl - 3 A - 4, I + 3, NI - 5, Fl - 1
 Raw Crystals NA - 3, I + 4 NA - 3, I + 3, R + 3
Raw Precious Gems I + 4, NI - 7, P - 3 I + 4, NI - 2, R + 8

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