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Towards 2020: Renewing Our Schools
Towards 2020: Renewing Our Schools

ACT Budget Papers
The printed version remains the official version.
The 2006-2007 Budget

Select Committee on Estimates 2006

Page with the proceedings of the hearings in June 2005 etc

Select Committee on Estimates Public Hearing Timetable
16 June – 5 July 2006

Legislative Assembly for the ACT - links to members of the LA, Hansard, Bills, Committees etc


ACT legislation register - for Education Act and other Acts.

Education Act 2004

Latest amendments re school closure or amalgamation in the Education Act

P&C Council
DET Organisational Chart

Australian Capital Territory 2006-07 Budget (Wikipedia)
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Interactive maps

Save our Schools website

You can download their Save Our School song at

Save our Canberra Schools website

Save Tharwa School website at:

Save Hall school

Save Melrose Primary and Chifley pre-school

Keep Cook open

Save Hackett Pre-school

Canberra Webs - Serving the ACT Community - specific site for some of the schools

Save Dickson College

Summary of the recommendations of the 1973 Campbell Inquiry  which lead to the establishment of the college system. The Campbell Inquiry report is also referred to in the recent college review.
"Secondary education for Canberra - report of working committee on college proposals for the ACT (1973)". Australian Government Publishing Service. Canberra.
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Paper by Professor Richard Sweet "Education, training and employment in an international perspective" presented at a Brotherhood of St Laurence Seminar on New Transitions: Challenges Facing Australian Youth, Melbourne, 18 August, 2006
It highlights the impact of the college system on year 12 retention and other impacts. Page 8 is the start of  the section on the ACT. (added 12/11/06)

Tuggeranong Community Council - they are hosting a meeting on the topic of school closures on the 20th July

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Location of all ACT government and non-government schools with very useful mapping tools which allow tracking of distances etc.|

Location of ACT government preschools:|

Government primary, high schools and colleges Priority Enrolment Area boundaries:

Population projection data, the Chief Minister’s Department prepares population projection data on which the ACT government school enrolment projections are based. The following websites provide population projection data for 2004-2014 and 2002-2032:
How Big Should
Canberra Be? - Australia Institute Webpaper May 2005, Clive Hamilton and Claire Barbato
Deals with commuting times, traffic congestion and quality of life issues.
Social costs due to urban traffic congestion
Dickson Group Centre Redevelopment
Roads and traffic congestion
Pedal Power 2004 Submission
Walk to School program in

Response to Legislative Assembly Question 1035 by Dr Foskey - February 2006
with attachments in electronic format.
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Interesting comments
extract from Hansard May 2006 - response from Andrew Barr re school closures and information disclosure

Press releases  various

ACT Government Demography Area for population projections 2004-2014 and other profiles of Canberra

2005 Estimated Resident Population figures from the ABS$File/31010_dec%202005.pdf

ABS - Cat. No. 3222.0 - Population Projections, Australia, 2004 to 2101 - 3 differenct series

NSW Parliament - Committee Report
Proposed Closure and Restructuring of Government Schools in Inner Sydney, Report

NSW Vinson Inquiry into Public Education - inspired after threats to close schools
Canberra Times article 13th July on disabled students may stay a term after school closures

P&C Council web site on school closures
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