St Bede's Grammar School


Centenary June 2000

Here are five of the School Magazines from 1925,1939,1950, 1969 and 1975

They are in "pdf" format and need the Adobe Acrobat (free) reader. See below for details on how to obtain it. This reader allows you to search the text for any word or portion thereof. Especially useful for names. Each magasine file includes bookmarks, and thumbnails of each page, which simplify navigation

Each can be simply downloaded and read on-line by clicking the corresponding underlined link. However it is probably better to download the "pdf" file and read it off line. You can do this by RIGHT clicking the link, selecting "Save Target As ..." or "Save Link As ..." and saving the file of the magasine wherever you want


1925 - The Silver Jubilee
44 pages - 723k

Page 39 has four
enlargeable photoes.
Click on those marked
with red dashes.


1939 - The New School
Pages 60 and 62 have
links to enlarged
photoes of the whole
school. Double click
to view in Browser


The 1950 Golden Jubilee
64 pages


1969 - 693k 72 pages


1975 - 75 years on
44 pages - 723k


64 pages - 731k


74 pages - 1000k


52 pages - 577k



The 1999 BAEDA Old Boys' Association Newsletter is available on this site as an Adobe PDF File. Click on "Download" below to obtain the file. It is 207kb. You will need the free Acrobat Reader from Adobe to be able to read, search, copy or print the file. This is available from:

I intend to put other memorabilia here in this format so suggest it's worthwhile getting a copy and installing it. Many other documents are on the WWW using this format

Download Baeda 1999 - file baeda.pdf

Old Boys' Jottings

I have most of the magasines from 1962 to 1974 and propose to put the "Old Boys' Jottings" from these onto the Internet.

Here are two to start with:

1962 - In HTML Format (32k)

1963 - in PDF Format (119k)

Please let me know what you think, and in particular which format you prefer.

And here is:

Staff Photograph 1961-1962

This is the only staff photograph in all the magasines I have

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