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I started growing large pumpkins after noticing the seeds for Big Max advertised in the Digger's Seed cataloge in 1992. That year I planted a number of seeds and gave two to my friend, Wasfy Moussa. While  Wasfy's grew to produce two 30+ kg pumpkin (including the one pictured opposite) mine didn't even germinate.



Richard Knapp & Stewart Deans with Wasfy's 1993 giant

Richard and I with one of Wasfy's 1993 crop

First Prize

In 1993 I bought some Atlantic Giant seeds from Diggers and managed to grow a giant 35 kg pumpkin which I entered into the 1994 Royal Canberra Show and won first prize.

In 1994 using seeds from Atlantic Seeds I grew three or four pumpkins. I entered one in the 1995 RNCAS show but was knocked into third place by someone from the Riverina with two AGs.

Pump94 tn.gif (11267 bytes)
My 35 kg 1994 RNCAS Show Prize winner 

I entered one pumpkin in the 1995 World Pumpkin Confederation (WPC) weighoffs at Queanbeyan but as I felt it was not a worthy contender (42 kg) I entered it in my father-in-law's name (Richard Knapp).

Knapp 42 kg 1995
My first entry in the  weighoff 1995  42 kg

Australian Champion

That same year Ken Ryan and Noel Field from Golbourn entered a giant in the Queanbeyan weighoff and recorded Australia's record (1995 - 1998) of 251.7 kg

Ryan95 tn.gif (7835 bytes)
Ryan and Field with their Australian   record AG 251.7 kg

The Size Increases

My 1995 seeds were the standard 500+  seeds from Atlantic Seeds which grew a 64.8 kg pumpkin. The picture shows my son and I loading the AG into my wheebarrow ready to take to the 1996 WPC weighoff at Queanbeyan.

Clinton and I take the 96 pumpkin to the weighoffs

Clinton and I loading the 64.8 kg pumpkin

Kambah Winner

The WPC winner in 1996 was John Paal from Youthhaven (a church run youth support farm) in my suburb of Kambah. John's pumpkin was also the Australian winner for 1996 at 224.5 kg.

JohnPaal224.5_small.gif (6458 bytes)

John Paal's 224.5 Australian champion

The 200 kg Barrier

That year I bought the 700+ seeds from Atlantic Seeds and in what seemed like a large plot at the time (a rather small 150 sq ft) area grew a respectable 204.5 kg beauty. At last I have broken the 200 kg barrier. Unfortunately there was no competition in the ACT in 1997, if there had been, I may well have taken first place at the local weighoff.

Stewart97 tn.gif (11484 bytes)

My 1997   204.5 kg beauty

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