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Richard and I with one of Wasfy's 1993 fruit

I am just preparing to cut my 1994 fruit to take to the Canberra Show

Richard enters my 1995 fruit in the WPC Queanbeyan weighoff

Ryan and Field with the Australian recordholder at the Queanbeyan WPC weighoff 1995

Clint and I carry my 1996 fruit to the car for the 1996 Queanbeyan WPC weighoff

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My 1996 WPC entry at Queanbeyan weighoff The 1996 Australian Winner John Paal from Youthhaven Kambah ACT.    Also shown another good Youthhaven fruit and a 193.9 fruit from Rodney Leadbeater the 1998 Qld AGPVS site winner I seriously underestimated the size of the support stand needed for my 1997 fruit Cutting the 1997 fruit from the vine. Everything seemed to go right for this fruit grown on a tiny patch. Rolling the 1997 fruit on to a tarp for weighing
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First cut - Cutting the fruit for cooking. Inside view A thick slab was taken away by the Salvation Army for the soup kitchen    
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4 weeks after pollination the 1996/8 Bobier is putting on weight and protected with shade cloth from the hot sun Blosson-end rot destroyed my largest fruit just before the weigh-off Measuring up the Bobier before the weigh-off Shaun Armitt (right) runner-up at 1998 ACT AGPVS site My 1998 ACT AGPVS site winner


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