SCUNA history 1963-1988

An authentic version of the SCUNA logo, taken from a poster drawn by Judith Clingan for the second term concert in 1969. See section about the SCUNA logo on this page. On this page: Other pages:
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What is SCUNA?

Societas Choralis Universitatis Nationalis Australiensis =
The Australian National University Choral Society

About the name "SCUNA"

Singers, then and now

Some members of SCUNA in 1965

The full picture, with key: 1965 Photo of SCUNA

Some current and former members of SCUNA at the SCUNA 50th, August 2013

The full picture, by Peter Hislop, with key: SCUNA 50th, 2013

About the SCUNA logo

According to the designer, Judith Clingan AM:

"The top two treble clefs are two intoxicated singers leaning against each other; the lower two (reflected) were added for aesthetic balance, but unfortunately in later years were often omitted."

- From a 1969 page in JAC 1945-1983, one of Judy's albums of memorabilia

SCUNA's 50th Anniversary

In 2013, Canberra turned 100, and SCUNA turned 50. The SCUNA celebration held in the Great Hall at University House on 16 August 2013 was a great success and a credit to the organising committee: Geoff Smith, Vicki Moss and John Agnew.

Thanks are also due to Charis Messalina, SCUNA President, and the SCUNA committee, and not least to SCUNA itself.

My thanks to performance photographer Peter Hislop for permission to use his photos of the occasion: see SCUNA 50th.

What's new

I will now stop updating the site unless new material is sent to me. I propose to put the site, as it is now, on a thumb drive and present it to the ANU Archives.

If you have any comments, or any SCUNA documents from between 1963 and 1988 that you're willing to share, please me.

Val T


My thanks for help in the quest for SCUNA's history go to:

For the Erato archive2
Ian Allan
SCUNA's first conductor
Michael Bleby
Joined 1969
Jonathan Brown
For the 1977 IV posters
Peter Campbell
Author of two very useful books3
Andrew Clayton
Indispensable technical help
Judith Clingan
Founding member
Daryl Colquhoun
Joined 1978
Tony Dooley
Joined 1969
Helen Guy (née McCullagh)
Joined 1974
Richard Hartley
Editor of the first SCUNA Songbook
Janet Healey
Founding member
Brian Hingerty
Conductor 1971-1977 & 1987-1988
Peter Hislop
Performance photographer
Gary Hovey
Joined 1970
Judy Huston
Biographer of Sue Baldwin
Stefan Karpiniec
Joined 1976
Deborah Martin
Joined 1971
National Library of Australia
Manuscripts section
National Library of Australia
Trove discovery service
Mark Penman
Joined 1974
Michael Ryan
Joined 1974
Michael Sawer
Joined 1974
Maggie Shapley
ANU Archivist
Matthew Stuckings
Assistant conductor 2002-2012
Robert K. L. Taylor
Joined 1975
Gerrie Titulaer
President 2002
Camilla Webster
Joined 1976
  Rodney Wetherell
Annabel Wheeler
Joined 1969


1Australian Intervarsity Choral Societies Association

2The Rob Kay Commemorative Electronic ERATO Archive

3Laudate: the first 50 years of the Australian Intervarsity Choral Movement, PC Publishing, Canberra, 1999
Canberra Choral Society: A capital choir for a capital city, PC Publishing, Canberra, 2002