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Saturday 13th March 2021

"Reaching Agreement - with General Semantics"


How well can GS provide formulations, that if used,
can help people come to agreement?
This meeting is about how (and within what limits)
GS can help people come to agreement.
We have a go at applying this to political views.

Facilitated by Tom Valcanis

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Saturday 17th April 2021

"Managing the Media - with General Semantics"

MediaIs "all" our information mediated through layers of institutional processing?

  * Can we ever access the "unmediated truth"?
  * What use is advertising - can re resist it?
  * How can we find trusted sources?
  * How to separate fact/inference perceptions?
  * What, indeed is the territory, and what the map ... ?
  * "I wouldn't believe anything I read in Western media
    about China ... "

Facilitated by Robert James

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Saturday 12th June 2021

"Alternative Hypotheses"

Learning to apply the extensional device of ETC to alternative hypotheses, as used in scientific method.

We applied this to how people make up theories on: life, the universe and everything. And we worked out why the answer is not 42 :-).

We experienced a challenging discussion as we apply “etc” to our barbeque-stopping hot topics of politics, sex and religion, etc.

The meeting wias online using Zoom and it it was free!

Facilitated by Mr David Hewson

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