Bryan Kilgallin's oil painting

Updated by Bryan Kilgallin on 28 May, 2024.

Oil paint is made up of pigments suspended in a drying oil. This has been used for centuries. Vegetable oil has been used for painting since the 7th century in Afghanistan. Linseed oil is the commonest vehicle for artists' oil paints. Paint comes in capped metal tubes. A medium alters the viscosity, finish or drying time. The slow drying time allows for correcting mistakes. Oil paints are good for blending and smooth transitions. Light and shadow are fundamental to oil painting. Oil paintings are regarded highly.

One needs:
Oil sketch
My art teacher told me that she was learning oil painting. So on the 30th of October 2019, I came to class with oil paints and media. My subject was a lady survivor of a car accident. She bought the original.