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Updated by Bryan Kilgallin on 23 June 2024.

I’m a pensioner living in Canberra, Australia. That's in the Australian Capital Territory (ACT). I’m in the northern Gungahlin district.

I hiked One Tree Hill.
Hiking, by Neil Piper

This is my personal Web site's main page. It is my site's main directory.
A website is a set of web pages. I hand-code HTML and keep 100% control over it. That's hypertext markup Language. I personally develop the site.
The article titles are in alphabetical order. They are linked to more information. Hyperlinks enable us to link between resources. They make the Web what it is.


I have a visuo-spatial aptitude score in the 1st percentile! This type of processing, is essential for human intelligence.
I was referred to art as therapy. My drawing and photo pages are up to date.


Acrylic is a water-based paint. The pigments are suspended in a polymer emulsion. The paint quickly evaporates dry. It can be difficult to work with, but artists love the bright colours. Mediums (like gels) can change the surface. A retarder slows down the drying process.

Digital Media

Digital art refers to the use of technology in the artistic process. Technological, new media art was increasingly used in the twentieth century. It is the art of the twenty-first century. The artists use different tools. I can display and transmit my works directly.


Animation is a visual communication technique that involves drawing a sequence of frames. This technique create the illusion that objects are moving. This lifelike effect is captivating. There are certain principles of animation that were developed almost a century ago. These principles create the illusion that the laws of physics are being followed. My software makes drawing the frames easier.


I use a pen display, because the pen tool is less awkward than a mouse. I also use vector graphics software, to create geometric shapes. On this page, I show a few of my graphic works. I can create effects that other people in my art clubs can't!

Mixed Media

A little over a century ago, the cubists introduced collage into their work. In this way, mixed media uses arts and crafts. Mixed media uses different media and techniques and adds a 3rd dimension. Thus it surpasses boundaries. For instance, you can mix painting, sculpture, and photography with collage.


The pigments are suspended in a drying oil. The oil is the binder. This is a slow-drying paint. That process is oxidative curing. It is a polymerisation reaction. The pigment and media, can change the drying time. Alkyd (polyester) paint dries faster. Painting fat over lean, prevents cracking. Colour variation is easy. Oil colour is workable. It allows for changes. The artist can blend and redo.


The first photograph, was taken two hundred years ago. Just like the human eye, a camera records light. That’s why lighting is so important in photography. Photography is a technical art. The lens projects an image. I use a digital camera. And I show both older, and newer photos.


Pigment is a dry coloured powder. It is mixed with a binder. The binder is soluble in water. Gum arabic is the most common binder used in watercolour painting. That acacia gum, has been used for millenia in paintings. Artists used to create their own paints from scratch. Commercial-made paints allowed impressionism and plein air. Paper is the most common supporting material for watercolour painting. A brush is used to apply watercolour paint.


This was requested by an offspring. It's about my middle age. It was a time of change. I cover work, from training to breakdown.

Risk of bullying results from poor people management. Harassment violates respect and dignity. Bullying has a negative impact on job satisfaction. Bullying at work caused me mental stress! My compo claim was accepted. Mental stress claims are very long and expensive. I developed an anxiety disorder. So I was psychologically injured. Although I managed to study computer and political sciences. So I qualified in public administration.

I met clinicians. I had supporters who helped me resolve conflicts. Thus I shifted into retirement. I started a small circle of friends who also had brain issues. And I moved to north Canberra.

Though I came back to Canberra fit and smart! But I was hounded out of the public service. That was in a state of stress! I worked in management science. But I preferred horticulture. That could be healing. I also had legal conflicts with insurance companies. Which yielded varied outcomes.

I leased low density housing. Yet I encountered numerous difficulties. My interests included both technical activities and outdoor pursuits. Touring the world, I met relatives and pen pals

With careful financial planning, I bought a home. It's a sensible house in the suburbs. The bedrooms have custom curtains, and one serves as a study. My openness led to departure from several groups! Though I put my sense of style to use.

I've cultivated a more tranquil way of living. Because of my mental and emotional challenges, I'm single. However, I've grown wiser and a bit chubby. Also, I've experienced a reduction in my stress levels.

Mental Health

Bullying in my workplace, led to feelings of anxiety and depression. Anxiety disorder is the most common mental health condition in the world.


The way we think, feel and act is what makes us unique. The way we relate to others, react to different circumstances, and live our lives is determined by our personality. A chart herein shows my results from a five factor test.


Political views do not change over time. Graphics can be used to express preferences.


Activity benefits wellbeing. I am a member of health and sports clubs.