Bryan Kilgallin's photography

Updated by Bryan Kilgallin on 8 June 2024.

Photography can capture memories, and create art. Composition requires thought. And exposure is basic.
Cameras are complicated. A digital camera uses a sensor to create an image.
I use an old Minolta DiMAGE 5 camera. It is mirrorless, and has a zoom lens.
I used to record personal activity.

I consulted with a pen friend. We chose some of my old pictures for display. Hoping for artistic and general interest.

Bee pollinating Callery pear flower
This is from 2019. On September 25, my Callery pear tree was blossoming. Here is a macro shot.
Artistically painted tool board
I took this on 31 August, 2020. I had painted my tool board. That's in the Russian constructivist style. A men's shed helped me assemble it on my garage wall.
Callery pear tree in nature strip
This is from 2020. In front of my house, is a Callery pear tree. On 21 September, it was in blossom.
Strawberries in a wall planter
This is from 2020. It shows a basket hanging on my wall. In that, is a strawberry plant. On 30 November, that was in fruit.
Smoke rising from a barbecue
This dates from 1 April, 2021. I was at a barbecue party. That was in a park.
Still life subject, of pebbles and shells
This is from 26 October, 2022. I was in a drawing class. The teacher had arranged a still life subject.
Blue-tongued skink
This was in 2022. A blue-tongued skink, was in my courtyard. That was on 14 November.
Moving tram at night
I took this on 8 December, 2023. I used a long exposure. The subject was a moving tram.