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Article published in "Time-Bindings" (Winter 2002)

The Australian Society of General Semantics Inc.(AGS) in Sydney has been very busy this year. We've had about 60 GS meetings which included 12 monthly meetings with the main group and about 48 meetings with the "advanced" GS studies group. The monthly meetings have covered topics like:

The Brain:
Here we watch a video tape series which showed the latest findings on the brain. We discussed it from a GS perspective over a period of three meetings - about 18 hours of work on the brain. So we've just started to scratch the surface (LOL :-) ).

Happiness and How Not to be Miserable:
David ran this very popular seminar which he based on Korzybski's happiness formulations and some more recent work in RET and NLP, etc.

Health and How to Live Longer:
Another of David's presentations but much less popular than learning how to be happy. Could it be that a lot of people are unhappy with their lives and hence don't want to live longer? Maybe this could become a research topic? The techniques presented have some scientific research backing them and should extend your life by 10 to 40 years IF applied.

Language: Implicit and Explicit:
This seminar, run by Laurie Cox, discussed learning from a GS perspective and involved some role-playing.

Goal Setting:
Laurie also ran this seminar which covered setting personal goals and how goal setting relates to both ethics and decision making.

Reaching Beyond Insight:
In this seminar we built on work already done during 2001 and considered ways of increasing awareness of our attitudes, beliefs, value judgements, etc.

The Emerging Person:
related principles of GS to personal growth and development.

Christmas Party:
We watched the Harry Potter movie. Most of us had a good laugh and enjoyed ourselves. We discussed the movie over dinner at a nearby restaurant. David ran a "GS and Harry Potter" quiz to see how well our members could relate GS formulations to the film. Gavan won the prize of two GS books!

The "advanced" GS studies group started out studying Science and Sanity and then switched to studying People in Quandaries near the beginning of the year.

- Laurie Cox (AGS President)
and David Hewson.

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