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Milton Dawes

Dr Lance Strate

Lecture Notes on Teaching General Semantics

Laurie Cox

Laurie's definive work:

Laurie's pre-Conference papers - June 2010

Laurie's Subscriber Series:

July 2002: 
   "Understanding and Being Understood"

September 2002:
  "Handling Criticism"
  "Writing to Clarify Thoughts, Feelings and Issues"

October 2002:
    "Creating More Satisfying Relationships"
    "Taking responsibility for the Meanings We Give"
     "A General Method of Evaluation"

September 2012:


Published Articles:

Robert James

Index to Alfred Korzybski's "Manhood of Humanity":

Tom Valcanis

Tom's essay published in "ETC" Jan 2011

"An iPhone in Every Hand:
Media Ecology, Communication Structures, and the Global Village"

Reports from the AGS 2002 "Success" Seminar,
presented by Milton Dawes


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