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Surname PARKER
Given Name(s) or Initial(s) Francis Maitland W
Regimental Number
Unit Name 1st West Australia Mounted Infantry
Extracts and Comments
(from Sources as shown)

Murray: Captain 1.1.1901, Mentioned in Despatches London Gazette 19.4.1901 Distinguished Service Order, Queen's South Africa medal and 4 clasps.
B5165: formerly Lt. No.1 Fd. Bty. Perth WA, promoted Major 5.12.1902.
URL1: aboard the "Orient" leaving Cape Town for Australia and New Zealand on 13.12.1900.
URL2: initials FWM a solicitor aged 23 from WA, served in Perth Mounted Rifles and 1Fd. Bty. WA.
URL3: Capt. Frank PARKER, admitted to practice as a solicitor in WA before leaving with 1st Contingent, awaiting admission to the bar in Pretoria 10.1902.
URL4: It is understood in Perth that the Commandant, Colonel CHIPPENDALL, has recommended that three of the commissions in the Imperial Army offered to Western Australia should be given to Lieutenant PARKER, Lieutenant CAMPBELL and Sergeant NORTHCOTT, who are now [c4.1900] on service in South Africa.
URL5: DSO LG 19.4.1901.
URL6: PROSPECTS IN SOUTH AFRICA. By the While Star liner Medic, which arrived at Albany on Friday [24.4.1903] from Capetown, Captain F PARKER, a son of Mr. Justice PARKER, accompanied by his wife, returned to the state. In the course of an interview, Captain PARKER uttered a warning against emigration to South Africa. He said that it was being overdone, as the big demand for all classes of labour was yet to come. There was a large number of men now awaiting employment, and it would be madness for any one of limited means to go there, as the cost of living is so high. Some of the mines had been compelled to shut down owing to the scarcity of native labour. ...
URL7: Captain Frank PARKER DSO of the First WA Contingent, who has been on a brief visit to the State, left again for Albany, en route to South Africa, on Thursday evening [19.6.1902], accompanied by his wife. Captain PARKER held the position of a staff embarkation officer at Cape town for the past 12 months. He will decide whether he will resume the duties appertaining to that post when he reaches the Cape. It is possible that, instead of resuming his old office, Captain PARKER will practise his profession as a barrister there.
URL8: Captain Frank PARKER, who commanded the First Contingent in South Africa, after the death in action of Major MOOR, and who paid a second visit to South Africa last Spring, returned to the State on Wednesday [28.5.1902] by the troopship Aurania. Captain PARKER, who is accompanied by bis wife, remained in Albany for a few days.
Source References
Murray: Official Records of the Australian Contingents etc. page(s) 214 396 398 399
B5165: National Archives of Australia series B5165
W. Mail: Western Mail newspaper date(s) 11.11.1899 & 31.5.1902
West Australian: West Australian newspaper date(s) 21.6 & 11.10.1902
Register: The Register newspaper South Australia 30.4.1900 & 29.4.1903
Syd. Herald : Sydney Morning Herald newspaper date(s) 22.4.1901
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