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Given Name(s) or Initial(s) George William
Regimental Number 535
Unit Name 3rd Victorian Bushmen
Extracts and Comments
(from Sources as shown)

Murray: died of enteric at Pretoria on 24.10.1900.
Price1: War Memorials Bairnsdale Canberra Sale Ballarat Morwell.
Source:# 157 BOLDING GH Sale War Memorial.
Wallace2: Elands R.
Melb. Leader: farmer photo.
HAGSOC: grave photo.
B5177: farmer aged 24.
B5179: born 1876 a farmer from Morwell Vic.
URL5: The Late Tpr. GW BOLDING in memoriam. The Rev. SMITH MCBAIN (Chaplain of the Victorian Bushmen's Contingent) conducted the service and preached an appropriate sermon, during which he said - "Brethren, we are ... But I would like to say that I had the privilege of coming into contact with him on board of the transport Euryalus, on the voyage to South Africa, and also at various times in South Africa itself.
URL6: Mr A MCLEAN MHR, performed the ceremony of unveiling [the memorial at Bairnsdale c6.1903]. THE INSCRIPTIONS. WEST FACE - Lance-Corpl. WD MAYS, Bairnsdale; Private AT WOODMAN, Bairnsdale; Private R MCGREGOR, Lindenow; Private HO WALFORD, Bulumwaal. NORTH FACE - Private AH WILSON, Sale; Private MM ATKINTON, Sale; Private H LAMB, Sale; Private J RANKIN, Sale; Private FH CAUGNEY, Iguana Creek. SOUTH FACE - Corporal J MCGOWAN, Warragul; Private JW CRIGHTON, Warragul; Private TJ ROSE, Morwell; Private GW BOLDING, Morwell; Private AB DAVIDSON, Moe. EAST FACE - Sergeant DH PRUDEN, Newry; Sergeant MT MCDONALD, Yinnar; Private J MCCLURE, Won Wron; Private J JONSON, Hospital Creek; Private EA VALPIED, Toora.
Source:# 1599 Morwell and District Boer War Roll of Honour unveiled 11.10.2017.
Source References
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Source:# Oz-Boer contributed source number 1353
Source:# Oz-Boer contributed source number 1599
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