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Given Name(s) or Initial(s) Aubrey Vincent
Regimental Number 1936
Unit Name 3rd New South Wales Mounted Rifles
Extracts and Comments
(from Sources as shown)

Murray: APTHORPE 'A'Sqn. died 31.1.1902.
Source:# 512 Sawyer's Gully NSW died of wounds.
B5204: labourer born 1881 in Durham NSW next of kin in Bishop's Bridge W. Maitland.
B4418: 1956 letter from sister in Kearsley NSW seeking medal, died 31.1.1902 of enteric and buried in Bloemfontein with headstone provided by 4 Maitland Captains (SCOBIE, PEEK, THOMPSON & STEWART) but not found when FARRELL CJ 3NSWMR visited recently, memorial tablet in Bishop's Bridge School, Queen's South Africa medal and 4 clasps (OFS Tvl SA01 & SA02).
B5197: APTHORPE AVA Queen's South Africa medal and 2 clasps plus 2 King's South Africa medal clasps (but no KSA medal).
URL4: ?ALTHORPE 'A'Sqn. photo #86.
URL5: Pte. Aubrey IPHORPE ?3NSWB died of enteric at Bloemfontein c2.1902.
URL6: send-off being prepared in W. Maitland for Tpr. FARRELL of the Lancers and Pte. APTHORPE of the Scottish Rifles.
URL7: During the late war in South Africa the Newcastle company of Scottish Rifles sent to the front eighteen men, and as most of them returned at intervals it was found inconvenient to welcome them singly, and the occasion was seized last night [3.9.1902] to entertain them in a body, The social was held in Fry's Hall, and the returned warriors in attendance were Lieut. MCLEAN, Privates WALKELY, BRATTEN, WORTHY, HOLT, FORD, BELL, MARKHAM, DAVIS and CHAMBERS. ... Captain NEWTON then proposed "Our Returned Comrades". The company, he said, had been under considerable difficulty owing to the men coming back at intervals, but it had been decided to welcome them at the first opportunity, and it was with that object they had met that evening. In all the Scottish had one officer and 17 men at the front, and of that number only one did not return, APTHORPE, of Maitland, having succumbed to an attack of enteric fever. They were represented in six different units, and Privates WORTHY and Bell had fought with the Duke of Edinburgh's Own. He regretted that since the return of the men Sergeant BLACKETT had been killed in the Mount Kembla disaster. He was delighted to see the men back, and he was looking forward to day when they would again don the kilts. Applause.
URL8: [Captain SCOBIE in West Maitland on 10.6.1902] made feeling reference to the death in South Africa of Trooper APTHORPE, who was one of the jolliest men that could possibly be.
URL9: Among the fatalities announced by cable from South Africa within the past few days [c2.1902] are those of two fine young men from the Hunter River district, and strange to state both deaths took place in the Bloemfontein Hospital from the same complaint enteric fever on the same day. The victims were Privates Aubrey APTHORPE of Bishop's Bridge (whose sad death has already been alluded to in our columns), and Private Isaac BEWLEY of Murrurundi, who belonged to the Third New South Wales Mounted Infantry which left this State for South Africa less than a year ago. Private BEWLEY was the son of Mr. Isaac BEWLEY of Murrurundi, brother of Mr. BEWLEY of the Railway Department, Junee, and nephew of Mrs. DAVIES of the Grand Central Hotel, West Maitland. The deceased was a native of Murrurundi, and only 22 years of age.
Source References
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Source:# Oz-Boer contributed source number 512
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