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Given Name(s) or Initial(s) John Henry
Regimental Number 5
Unit Name 1st South Australian Mounted Rifles
Extracts and Comments
(from Sources as shown)

Murray: initials JH, died of enteric at Naauwpoort on 26.4.1900.
Newbury1: HEINJUS John Henry SA Permanent Artillery.
URL3: Cpl., single born 1870 at Sheoak Log, 4 year Perm Arty.
URL4: QSA & 2 clasps, died of fever.
URL5: Cpl. JH HEINJUS, memorial St. Peter's Cathedral Adelaide SA.
URL6: In Memoriam notices, aged 29.
URL7: 'Jack' died of enteric 26.4.1900 aged 29.
URL9: The Departed Brave. Sunday, 19.9.1909 was a memorable tho' sad day to many who attended the Memorial Service to the soldiers from South Australia who died in South Africa during the Boer War. There was a mammoth gathering to witness the ceremony, at the Memorial Statute in Adelaide on the occasion. The following is the Roll Call of the South Australian heroes who lost their lives. First Contingent. Surgeon-Mjr. TOLL, Lieut. POWELL, Cpls. HEINJUS and KLAFFER, Tprs. SMITH and MATHEWS. Second Contingent. Lieut. GORDON, Tptr. MARSHALL, Tprs. BARTLETT, MARSDEN, and HARDY. Third Contingent. Capt. HUBBE, Cpl. CURRIE, Tprs. MILLMAN and SLOAN. Fourth Contingent. Sgt. MCCABE, Saddler MITCHELL, Tptr. DAVIS, Tprs. PROSSER, MOORE, NICHOLAS, PAGE, HONNER, PALMER, GOODES, WOODHAM, LANDSELL and TOTHILL. Fifth Contingent. Capt. HIPWELL Reg. Sgt.-Mjr. MCGILLIVRAY, QMS SCHUMANN, Sgts. HAMILTON, RUST, and MERCER. Cpl. WHITE, Lce.-Cpl. HAMP, Tprs. GIBB, WHITTLE, MAY, HORSEFALL, GLUYAS, COCHRANE, HIRTH, VICKERY and SIMMONS. Sixth Contingent. Sgt. MURRIE, Lce.-Cpl BARRON, Tprs. BENNIER, WALTER, EWINS, MARSHALL, CROFT, MAIN, TEATE and BEARE. 2nd Australian Commonwealth Horse. Tprs. BROWNLEY, SPILLANE and TAEUBER.
Sydney Tel.: ADELAIDE, Monday [30.4.1900], A cablegram has been received from South Africa reporting that Corporal J HEINJUS, of South Australia, died of enteric fever at Naauwpoort. He was a member of the first South Australian Contingent, was single, and lived at Shea Oak Log, and was 29 years of age.
Source References
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Bunyip: Bunyip (Gawler SA) newspaper date(s) 25.12.1903
Sydney Tel.: Sydney Daily Telegraph newspaper date(s) 1.5.1900
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