Red Zone

Traveller's Aid Society travel zone classification for a nation, world or system which is dangerous to travellers. In general, the imposition of a Red Travel Zone indicates the location is quarantined, interdicted by higher authority, or at war.

Quarantine indicates that a dangerous disease is present. The danger of war is self-explanatory.

Interdiction indicates that an interstellar government has published an interdiction, barring access to that world. An interdiction can be imposed by a planetary, system, subsector, or sector government.

Enforcement of interdiction varies with the reason for the restriction. Interdiction may be imposed on a world if it is a military base or other sensitive installation; for the private reservations belonging to powerful families desiring seclusion; for developing societies which the government has elected to allow to evolve in isolation; or for valuable resource areas being saved for later development or exploitation.

(ADV-3, 1106; MT-ENCYC, 1120)

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