Logo of SharurshidImperial megacorporation.

Trades in all luxury goods from all parts of the Imperium and many areas beyond. It began as a merchant company; its success as a carrier of luxury goods allowed it to expand into other areas, although it still has very little manufacturing capability. Its major source of income has always been its fleets of starships travelling between the many worlds of the Imperium.

Sharurshid traces its lineage back to the First Imperium. During the Interstellar Wars, Sharurshid was the major bureau in the First Imperium's rimward sectors.

Interests: Trade and speculation, luxury goods. Most rare Terran wines and spirits travel on the starships of Sharurshid.

Home Port: Vland ( Vland / Vland 1717).

Stock ownership: Sharurshid trust, 46%; Imperial family, 3%; Hortalez et Cie, 11%; other corporations, 14%; private, 10%.

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