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Last Updated 24 August 2001.

The following images show a font I have been trying to find for a long time. It is not a new font, but I have not been able to find a TrueType (Win98) version at all.

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I have included three scans of this font, with explanations, below. Essentially, the font is an outline font, as the second image demonstrates. Judicious use of colour heightens the impression of a point light-source illuminating a raised (3D) font.

If anyone out there knows either the name of this font, or where to find it (or both!), please send me an email - I would be most grateful!

Logo for Caradoc LIC
This is the reason for the enquiry. In a similar manner to Lone Scout Enterprises and Menelvagor, I want to create a section for Caradoc LIC that includes this logo. This is a scan of my original hand-drawn version, done about 15 years ago with texta and gold pen!

Font from Project Book
This is the title from the front cover of a standard school project book - it had blank pages for sketching, etc. I think it was an "Olympic" brand, but the book has not been around for years, so I can't check.

Font from Trigan Empire
Here's where I first fell in love with this font. Many years ago (mid 60's??) the UK produced a broadsheet-like magazine of science, nature, and history, and it even lobbed Down Under. I think the magazine was entitled Look and Learn. It was written on paper just one step up from newsprint (so it could hold colour better, I guess, and be a bit glossy), so it wasn't the highest quality. However, it had one of those long-running magazine serials in it - you know, the sort that never end (like Mandrake the Magician). This was a science-fiction serial entitled the Trigan Empire. I never found out how it ended - for all I know, it hasn't! Its title is shown above. Ever since I saw it, I've wanted to use this font on something.

Recently, Scott Carrick has told me that the Trigan Empire ran in Look and Learn Magazine from 1966 to 1982 (issues 232 to 1039). Look and Learn Magazine folded with Issue 1049.

Again, if anyone out there knows either the name of this font or where to find it, please send me an email with the details.

*** UPDATE!!! 23 August 2002 ***

I discovered a site called Really cool idea: just upload the unknown font that you have, and it will try to match it with an existing font. After failing to find a match to the black-and-white image above, MyFonts suggested I try Identifont. This site uses a different approach: identify your font based on a questionnaire you undertake. Identifont suggested Frankfurter Highlight or Chromium One, with Glowworm a close third.

Both cool sites! However, neither knew about the font above.

In despair, I returned to MyFonts and posted a query to the What's This Font? forum on 22 August 2002. One day (yes, one day!) later I received this reply from Jordi Carreras:

Just go to this thread:

When you investigate this thread, there's someone after the same font, and here is Jordi's full reply:

      Hi, Magnus:

I've identified your font as Pluto Outline (from Face Ronchetti Ltd.).
Some years ago, it was distributed by Letraset, but I have no clues
about its actual reseller. Although, you can find a specimen sheet of
it in this Dover book: "Outline Alphabets: 100 Complete Fonts from
the /Solotype Archive"

Hope this helps


Note: if you can't get the site to come up, your browser may not be able to run their credit card software (for me, it works from work but not home). Try going directly to The Dover Bookshop. Select Typography, Calligraphy, Monograms, then CANCEL the Java shopping basket pop-up. Scroll down to "Outline Alphabets..." (etc) and select it, again CANCELLing the cart. The book is £10.99 last time I looked.

Many thanks go out to Jordi! I'll try Letraset, and failing that, I'll look for the Dover book!

Looking for the logo since 3 October 2000.

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