My 204 .5 kg pumpkin 

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These pages covers my efforts in growing of Atlantic Giant pumpkins in Australia and hopefully inspires others who are interested in becomming involved in this rather addictive hobby with pictures, tips and contacts.

Atlantic Giant pumpkins are grown for weight and competition. A major appeal of growing AGs is that they are the largest fruit in the world. Intense competition in North America and UK have sparked an increasing interest in genetic selection over recent times leading to a dramatic increase in records with the largest fruit now approaching 500 kg.

Whilst competition is intense overseas, in Australia the current record is only around 250 kg so there is still plenty of opportunity for growers to produce record breaking fruit.

There are no great secrets in growing these giants only one magic formula

stated as     Genetics + Soil + TLC + Luck = A Winner!



This page describes how I became interested in growing Atlantic Giant pumpkins and shows some milestones and pumpkins grown as the sizes increased with time

1997/98 Season

Pictures of the current year's attempts and results


Pictures of pumpkins that changed my life

This page last updated Monday, 13 April 1998