Bryan Kilgallin's digital illustration

Updated by Bryan Kilgallin on 19 July, 2024.

Drawing is an art form that involves the use of an instrument to mark a two-dimensional surface. Traditionally, artists used analog media.

I studied science, so I drew fossils and on maps, and I learned programming. Then I got a pocket computer with a plotter. My first Mac had a graphic interface and printer. I now use digital tools to create images. Nowadays, I work with digital art media (tablet, mouse and stylus). Digital art requires creativity. My work is layered. First I used raster graphics software (MyPaint). Nowadays, I use the vector graphics application Inkscape. I belong to two art clubs.

Clothed male portrait
This was in an art class at a community centre. The subject was an amiable cook. This is raster graphics.

Self portrait
I finished my self portrait on Wednesday 1 May 2024, in vector graphics.
Window frost
My digital media group had chosen the theme "frost". Therefore on Thursday 6 June 2024, I completed this project. The reference photo was from a Web site. I built up the image in many layers.
Snow pea pod
My art group had set the theme "gratitude". I finished this on Friday 19 July. The reference was my photo of a snow pea pod.