Lair ( Grnrouf / Province 2408) is the "homeworld" and nominal capital of the Vargr Extents. The name "Lair" is used by Imperials, in preference to any of the four most widely accepted names used by the Vargr for the planet - all of which, according to one humourist, can only be pronounced "by an asthmatic dog with severe bronchitis". Use of this name is generally seen as an insult by Vargr, and can provoke them to violence.

Lair is a cool world with broad, shallow seas and a number of small continents. The original Vargr were transplanted here from Terra ( Sol / Solomani Rim 1827) by the Ancients. No one is sure which continent marked the original home for the first Vargr transplantees; evidence has been given for all of them, and some theories have even held that settlements were made on more than one. The Vargr were never fully fitted for the environment of Lair, which has led to the natural selection and survival of the race due to adverse conditions.

The world has never been accorded any particular status in the hearts and minds of the Vargr race (unlike such worlds as Terra, Kusyu, Zhdant, and so on). Of 12 empires which have included Lair (or parts thereof) over the last 800 years, seven of them have been ruled from a different world entirely, and Lair had no special privileges because of its place in the race's history. Indeed, Lair was only recently united; several sections of the planet boasted independence until only a few years ago.

The planet is currently capital of a large interstellar empire, having been united and placed at the head of a coalition of worlds by a popular and charismatic Vargr leader. That individual's death has left a series of successors of considerably less popularity; these individuals have attempted to maintain power through the military and through the enactment of stringent laws. Inevitably, the instability of this government has increased rapidly, and most observers predict a break-up of the empire, and possibly of the planetary government, within a decade at the most.

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(ADV-3, 1106; ALIENS-3, 1111)

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