Zhdant ( Gavel / Zhdant 2719) is the capital of the Zhodani Consulate and traditional homeworld for the Zhodani people, one of the three major races of humaniti.

Zhdant has two continents: extensive Dleqiats and smaller Qiknavra. Dleqiats covers nearly seven-tenths of the globe, and is divided into three regions: Western Dleqiats, the Dleqiats Desert, and Eastern Dleqiats. The west is the oldest and most settled, including some cities over 18,000 years old. The east, rich in minerals and soil, was settled in earnest only after railroad was developed and track was laid over the Desert. The Desert remains undeveloped, except for the arable land along the northern shore.

Qiknavra is a much smaller continent (about one-seventh the size of Dleqiats) with thick jungles at the equator and mixed broad plains and forests in the temperate regions. A chain of mountains runs north-south through its centre. A stretch of western shore was originally the site of the Ancient Zhdant City, destroyed in the Final War.

Unlike the capitals of other empires, Zhodane is largely divided into the estates of the members of the ruling Zhodani Supreme Council (Qlomdlabr). This makes the world's population unusually low.

Zhdant is often spelled "Zhodane" in Galanglic.

UPP: A-6547C8-F  Z  Ag  G.

(ADV-3, 1106; ADV-12, 1107; ALIENS-4, 1111)

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