Outrim Void

Colloquial name for the region to the rimward of the Spinward Marches, "void" being a reference to its lack of civilisation rather than physical emptiness. It consists of many small empires, independent worlds, and Aslan colonies.

The region is largely unknown to the civilian population of the Imperium, and is regarded with suspicion by the average citizen due to its being a natural haunt for corsairs and any who wish to escape Imperial justice.

Many Outrim worlds are believed to have been settled in the great Terran age of expansion known as the Ramshackle Empire, and have since been isolated from other human contact. Often these worlds have reverted to low-tech societies. However, some worlds have retained links with either the Imperium or the Zhodani Consulate as client states.

The region forms part of the Trojan Reach sector.

(ADV-4, 1107)

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