Zhodani Consulate

Symbol of the Zhodani ConsulateThe Zhodani Consulate is a large empire immediately to core-spinward of the Imperium, controlled by the Zhodani. It encompasses 143 subsectors in an area approximately 40 parsecs in diameter, containing approximately 6,500 systems. The Consulate is believed to include in excess of 80% of all known racial Zhodani, a major race of humaniti. Much of the remainder inhabits the Zhodani client states, although other species of homo sapiens are also found in the various client states of the Consulate.

There are three classes of Zhodani society, differentiated by Social Standing: Nobles (Social 11+), Intendants (Social 10), and Proles (Social 9-). Citizenship (and thus the right to vote) is restricted to the nobility. Intendants and Proles can only express their opinions to the Nobility, lobbying for a course of action.

The Consulate is a democracy with a limited franchise. Representatives, called consuls, are elected to ruling councils for a specific period of time. Those councils are responsible for specific areas of government. Members of the councils are also given the authority to carry out their programs and orders.

Councils exist at every level of society. The lowest is at the community level (a municipality of 50,000 or fewer citizens); a 10-member council is elected by the community of about 2800 Nobles. In turn, this council elects two of its members to the next higher council. This process is duplicated for one to ten intermediate councils up to the World Council. World Councils each elect two consuls to the Subsector Council; Subsector Councils each elect two consuls to a Province Council; Province Councils each elect two members to the Supreme Council (Qlomdlabr), which meets on Zhdant ( Gavel / Zhdant 2719).

Eight provinces exist; they are areas of control between the Subsector and Supreme Councils. Each province is roughly equal in population, and generally covers a number of sectors (sectors are not part of the hierarchy of control in the Consulate).

The Zhodani name for their empire is Driantia Zhdantia. The term Driantia means government by consuls.

(SUPP-3, 1105; ALIENS-4, 1111)

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