Third Frontier War, 979 to 986

The Third Frontier War marked the end of an long uneasy peace that lasted nearly 350 years. In 979, battle fleets of the Zhodani Consulate struck at the Jewell and Querion subsectors after years of sabre-rattling.

Imperial reaction was deficient initially, and the hostilities continued for nearly six years with little to show for it. The Third Frontier War was less characterized by the planetary sieges of previous wars, and more by commerce raiding, deep thrusts by cruiser squadrons to disrupt shipping, and by harrassment of civilian shipping.

The damage done to the civilian populace, and the lack of progress in the war turned public sentiment against the high command, and ultimately against the Emperor, who it was felt was prosecuting the war too slowly. Ultimately, an armistice was finally signed in 986. It ceded systems in the Jewell subsector to the Zhodani and allowed Zhodani occupation of several in the Querion subsector. Moreover, the Imperium withdrew several parsecs from their previous positions, creating a demilitarized region through much of Vilis subsector. With the Zhodani on their doorstep, Retinae ( Querion / Spinward Marches 0416) applied for, and was granted, disunion from the Imperium.

The outcry against the peace settlement when it was announced was enough to force the abdication of Emperor Styryx in 989. Nevertheless, the settlement created reasonably secure borders along the Zhodani frontier, and allowed the Marches to continue with their commerce and industry.

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