Vilis Subsector

Map of Vilis subsector, c.1107 (image produced by the Galactic 2.4 program written by Jim Vassilakos)The communications link extending along the Imperial border from Regina plunges through the heart of the Vilis subsector. While the coreward portion of the region is the demilitarized neutral zone shared with the Zhodani Consulate, the rimward edge of the area borders on the loose confederation known as the Sword Worlds. To trailing lies the region of low stellar density (and barrier to travel) known as the Abyss. In times of tension, the exposed location of this subsector makes the area a prime military position.

The demilitarized zone was established after the Third Frontier War, created by the Imperium's withdrawal from a number of former member worlds, settled by Imperial subjects.

World 728-907 , recently surveyed, is a large inhabitable world with no evidence of higher animal life although extensive forestation and insect presence have been noted. The Ministry of Colonization has designated the world for seeding within the next century, with a view to colonization upon availability of personnel and funds.

The Vilis subsector contains 26 worlds with a population of 2.324 billion. The highest population is 9, at Arden and Vilis ; the highest tech level is C, at Tremous Dex .

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