Happy Birthday To You
Sir George Martin turns 75!
Congratulations on achieving your three-quarter century, Sir George!
Thank you for peppering our lives with colour and imagination.

~ tayler ~

3 January 2001

"Happy Belated Birthday Dear Sir George Martin! Words could not do justice to the gratefulness I feel in my heart for you for guiding and implementing the ideas and sounds with the world's most famous rock band. All of you were meant to cross paths back in the early days and once you did...the rest was Rock and Roll History!! All the best of everything for you & you family." ~ Helen Marketti, Sandusky, Ohio, USA

"Thank you so much for your contribution and excellence in production and sound engineering. As a child of the 60's, I was priviledged to have listened to such great recordings of the Beatles. Today, I am 46 years old. My son Brinton (12 year old), is a Beatles fanatic. It's nice to know that 34 years later your work still sets the standard for great recordings. Thank you and God Bless you! Happy Birthday." ~ Herman Z. Resto, USA

"Happy Birthday, Sir George! Thank you for all the great music you help produce through the years! I had just seen one of your 'young' charges in concert - namely, Sir Paul McCartney! It was serendipity that brought you and the Fab Four together! And, what you fellas did in such a short span of time was magical! All the other recordings you did (comedic, jazz, movies) were also godd, but it's the Beatles' music that will be remembered for many years! Again, thank you, sir, for all that you did, and a Happy 75th!" ~ Siva Jonnada, Morristown, New Jersey, USA

"Dear Sir George Martin, Congratulation on your 75th Birthday. Its wonderful to know a person like you can bring good music to the whole world and a producer of world best rock and roll ever have. You really are the 5th Beatles. We in the Philippines love you as we love The Beatles. You are really great. May God Bless you always. Again we love you." ~ Jimmy Co, Philippines

"Happy birthday Sir George, we love you!" ~ Alan Young, UK

"i hope sir George had a nice birthday. he was, and still is the greatest among producers and composers of the world. i give my regards to broadstreet to sir Paul, Ringo with a good vibrating watch of George and John from their studio up in the sky..." ~ rob aartsen, rosmalen, the netherlands

"Sir George, I want to thank you for giving us the best gift anyone could ask for: YOU AND THE BEATLES! Happy Birthday!" ~ Renee Scribner, Fort Worth, Texas, USA

"Dear George, My wife and I were listening to '1' in the car on the way home tonight - and admiring all your contributions to The Beatles' music. Knowing those recordings intimately, I was able to point out arrangements, solos and styles directly attributable to you. Thanks for being in the right place at the right time for John, Paul, George, Ringo, Peter Sellers, 'Tommy' and all the rest of us. Happy 75th!" ~ Michael and Patricia Harris, Seattle, Washington, USA

"Hi-as a long time beatle people, who even discovered a snippet of the Goons, I just wanted to wish you a Happy Birthday (belated) and thank you for being the 5th Beatle." ~ Bill in Sparks, NV USA

"Sir Martin: I would like to thank you for all the inspiration and love you irradiate from your person and the music you have composed, recorded and produced. I must confess I look up to you in the vocational and creational field. I am a student of Composition and Choral Direction, and have also studied Electronical Engineering for some time, but my goal was to become a producer, arranger and composer like you are. One of my favorite Beatles album is Yellow Submarine, and I often study your compositions of that album to learn your style of orchestration. Thank you very much for all the music and inspiration you are to my life. Happy Birthday!" ~ Agustín Saravia, Córdoba, Argentina

"Dear Sir George Martin, Thank you for the Grace and Love that you shared with us in your beautiful Music! You deeply touched and inspired our lives with one of the greatest groups in the world The Beatles! Happy Birthday for 75 wonderful and blessed years! Only my thoughts are with you for only my words make the gift a lesser true! God bless you Sir George always and forever! Love & Peace & Joy and Grace! XOX" ~ Charlotte A. Pickett, Austin, Texas, USA

"Dear Sir George - I didn't see anything wrong with your tie!!!! Wishing you the happiest birthday of your life, and what are you going to do for the next 75 years? Would love to hear some new symphonic work from you. You have a distinctive voice in your orchestration, and of course, it enhanced the work of the Beatles and opened our ears. Music is the most powerful (social) force on earth, (which is why so many governments are afraid of it), and you speak the language everyone can understand. Making people happy, lifting them for a few minutes or hours is a wonderful thing to be able to do. And you helped to bring wonder and the joy of discovery into millions of lives. Thank you for using your gifts as a positive force in the world. Much love from a lifelong fan." ~ Don Coyer, Rincon (Savannah), Georgia, USA

"Dear Sir George, The Best life has to offer to you in your 75th year, because you gave us the Best of you!! 'Imagine', I was seated with the GREAT Sir George on a Swamp Tour in New Orleans! My apologies to Lady Judy for the mistake on her name. You both were a delight! Happy 75th Birthday!!" ~ Jeffrey and Barbara Winokur

"Happy Birthday Sir George! Having an opportunity to send a message someone who's work has become an integral part of so many lives is an extraordinary honor. Wishing you good health and best wishes." ~ Jamie Stone, Buckeye, Arizona, USA

"I wanted to wish you a happy birthday. Your the best and I love everything you've done for the love of the music. I'm a big fan!!" ~ Mike Raymond

"Dear Sir George Martin: Happy 75th birthday!!! We are extremely proud of what you have accomplished over the years--the way you produced music has inspired each and everyone of us. Without you producing the Beatles music and giving them a chance with your record company--the Beatles would not have been as successful as they were back then, and are today. God bless you, Sir George. Hope you are having a wonderful time!" ~ B & J D., USA

"Georgie, Wish I was there to thank you in person for your years of hard work with the band. The Beatles may never have been the band they were known to be if not for your patience and keen ear for it all. The music was before it's time for sure and you were talented enough to realise it. Love ya." ~ Frank E Winston

"Dear Sir George Martin, Congratulations for your birthday! We all, Beatle fans, would like to Thanks to You, because what you have done for the Music. Long life for you!" ~ Henio Bezerra, Natal, Brazil

"Dear Mr. Martin, Congratulations on your 75th birthday! I've loved your work with the Fabs! Thank you very much! God bless you! God bless the Beatles!" ~ Beto Iannicelli, São Paulo, Brasil

"Dear George, Just a quick note of greeting to wish you a Happy 75th birthmark. I hold you in high esteem for your inventiveness, for your longevity, and for your sharp-as-a-nail mind, and of course for doing for the Beatles what no other producer could have done. I think that your coming together with the Beatles was a one-in-a-zillion thing, and I wish to thank you for being such an influence in the way things were done. The greatest band of all time probably would not have been had it not been for Sir George Martin. Happy 75th!" ~ Ryan Jennings, USA

"Happy Birthday Sir George Martin! As a 44 year old, I have not forgotten what you did! Thank-you very much! A musician is one thing--but you are the musician's musician! Your great contribution's impact will be felt long into the future! You are one of a few persons who had insight, inspiration, creativity--in a time and a world--when others had none!" ~ Eugene Petrone, Lake Helen, Florida, USA

"To Sir George Martin, Congratulations on your 75th birthday. I've admired your work with the Beatles since I first noticed your name on the record label in 1964. You and the Beatles have been near for all these years. Thank you for your GREATNESS!" ~ Roy Palmer, Temecula, California, USA

"'You say it's your birthday, well it's my birthday, too, yeah!' From one January 3rd to another, thank you for many happy moments of great music. Happy birthday, Sir George!" ~ Michael W., Connecticut, USA

"To Sir George Martin, Congratulations on your historical life and infinite contribution to music and the world. Although you may never see this Thank You for your inspiration in the world of music, you hold my utmost respect and admiration. My deepest thanks!!" ~ Mario Cardenas, Houston, Texas, USA (originally from Monterrey, Mexico)

"George, Happy birthday. Your work will live forever. Thank you from all music lovers everywhere. I just saw your program on 'The Rhythm of Life' and it should be required in every school. To spend 1 recording session with you would be a priceless education. Thanks again." ~ John Seitz, Xenia, Ohio, USA

"Dear Sir George, Happy 75th, and thank you for your part in creating some of the most beautiful music ever heard: the Beatles'. I'm reading the Beatles Anthology, and you seem to have been an extremely positive force in the Beatles' lives as well as in their work. Thanks a million, from one of their earliest American fans! (I was eight in 1964, and loved them at first sight, and sound.)" ~ Alice Jacobson, South Riding, Virginia, USA

"Dear Sir George, million thanks to you. God bless you and your loved ones. Each time I listen The Beatles in these 37 years, I discover a new aspect of your wonderfull work, so rich it is. Thank you very much, in my name and my family. Happy Birthday to you." ~ Aldo Rodrigues Costa, Minas Gerais, Brazil

"Dear Sir George, Thank you very much for every night spent working with the Fab Four... Without you they'd never be that great. That's why we love you as much as we love John, Paul, George and Ringo!! May your star shine bright for ever and ever upon all of us beatlefans. We owe you so much of our happiness that it seems quite impossible to express it in plain words... Happy 75th Birthday, Sir George the Fifth Beatle! I wish I could see you now just to say 'thank you' in person and give you a big hug. All my loving." ~ Nina Starr, São Paulo, Brazil

"May we all wish you a very happy and healthy 75th year in the world! Your contribution is unmeasurable and your genius goes on always and continues to amaze and strengthen us. We wish you well and continued success. Best Wishes." ~ Deborah Cluett Sage and Family (Sage and Co.), Westlake Village, California, USA

"Thanks for your life long work. It has made us all feel a little better. Happy Birthday!" ~ Ruses Garrett, Hollywood, California, USA

"Happy Birthday Sir George!" ~ Beatle-lecci, Rio, Brazil

"Sir George, Happy Birthday and thank you for many years of pleasure through music. Tonight we raise a glass to your health and your genius!" ~ Steven Copeland, USA

"Sir Martin; I am truly greatful that the music was started and that I could enjoy it for 37 years. Wishing you good health and all the best for the present and the future. Sincerely." ~ Sylvia, Canada

"Dear Mr. Martin, Thanks so much for many years of good dreams. What an imagination and an openness you possess. The angels are smiling. God Bless." ~ Chuck Smith, Rockford, Ohio, USA

"Best wishes and long life, Sir George. How truly fortunate we all are for having known your work. Oh, and I do like the tie! I have ALWAYS liked the tie." ~ Robert P Marshall, Springfield La., USA

"Dear George, Hope you are enjoying your big day as much as I have enjoyed your piano playing, production, and arrangements on The Beatles' recordings. You have given us a gift that will last forever throughout the ages. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. I am forever in your debt." ~ Mark Wolfen-Bauer

"All best wishes to a wonderful man. The world owes you a debt it can never repay. My profound thanks for making possible so many happy hours of music." ~ Gregg Morton, Toronto, Canada

"Sir George Martin.. We would like to wish you the best birthday ever on your 75th Birthday..I wish we could send a musical greeting to you..Thank you for being an angel of music and bringing such joy to the world and touching so many lives..We look forward to what you will do in this new millenium to bring music even farther.. Dream with the Angels... With love." ~ Claire Machado (Cam Engine, internet artist) and Mark Castro (Inner Circle, former guitarist), Santa Cruz, California, USA

"Dear Sir George, Have a Happy 75th Birthday!! You have given the world the greatest gift, Music, Love and Joy. Thank you from the bottom of my heart-You are a master and a genius." ~ P. Polaczyk, Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA

"Though you retired before we got a chance to benefit from your expertise, your work will always remain a beacon towards which we will faithfully follow. Happy 75th, and peace to you, Sir, and your family!" ~ Greg Vadimsky, Tango Palace, Melbourne, Florida, USA

"Happy anniversary! Cheers for the next 25 or so...." ~ Jonas, Sweden

"The happiest of birthdays to you, Mr. Sir George! I've always admired your work and the extreme classiness with which you conduct yourself. Best wishes and God bless!" ~ Brian, Houston, Texas, USA

"Dear Sir George Martin: You're the man !!! and I mean it. I wish you a Happy Birthday and a million thanks to you, the fifth Beatle, for the enormous support you gave to the Fab Four in producing their extraordinaire, unique recordings. God bless you and your loved ones." ~ Frank J. Canales, Monrovia, California, USA

"To Sir With Love - Happy 75th Birthday! You are truely the 5th Beatle. Thank you for your insight, patience, and talent! All the best." ~ Debbie Sarnik-Foley, New York, USA

"Wishing you a very happy birthday Sir George! Your contribution to the world of music was and is truly superb! Thank you. I hope you have a great day - good luck and good health to you." ~ Sarah Sheraton, Stockton-on-Tees, England, United Kingdom

"Sir George: Happy 75th birthday!! Not only are you a brilliant musician and producer that brought me and millions some of the best loved music of all time and for all time, but you are a still a gorgeous hunk! I'll bet that John and Peter Sellers are offering a wickedly funny toast to you from their heavenly perch. Keep rocking, darlin'." ~ Pam, North Carolina, USA

"I want to add to the chorus by wishing Sir George the happiest of birthdays, and to let him know there are many, many of us who realize and appreciate his contribution to music." ~ Chris Neal

"Dear Sir George, I've recently been reading the 'Anthology' book and I find your comments to be so revealing and interesting to read. You truly are a genius. If you're still up to it (even though, as Ringo says, you can only work in mono now--haha), the world would love to hear your [TRUE] version of 'Let It Be.' Anyway, you're the best--a true English gentleman. All the best to you!" ~ Stacia Marlett, Wisconsin, USA

"Sir George - You and I share the same birthday (but not the same year), and that makes me very, very happy! Many congratulations on this milestone, and continued good luck and good health to you." ~ Jim Spencer, Alpharetta, Georgia, USA

"Sir George Martin, I love you and all you do!!" ~ Cheryl, Independence, Kansas, USA

"Happy Birthday!!! to truly the fifth Beatle!!!!! Have a wonderful birthday!!" ~ Shelley Niles, Northville, Michigan, USA

"Sir George Martin, Thank you for your titanic contribution to The Beatles in your production of their music which I enjoy above all other and for your immense dedication and contribution to music in general. Happy 75th Birthday and many more to come. God Bless You." ~ Dave, Casselberry, Florida, USA

"Happy Birthday Sir George! You are the 5th Beatle! Lots of Love." ~ Helen, Tennessee, USA

"To Sir George Martin, man of genius. Many happy returns on your 75th birthday! Highest of high regards." ~ Janet, Australia

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