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Cranberry Sauce: Crazy Coincidences

We've heard that, long before he met the Beatles, George Martin took music lessons from the mother of Jane Asher, who became Paul McCartney's girlfriend for much of the 1960s.

The Westin Hotel in Sydney, Australia, where Sir George launched Playback: The Illustrated Autobiography of George Martin, is ideally situated in a heritage building on the corner of George Street and Martin Place.

George Martin as a cartoon character     
Sir George appears in Japanese comic!

This is an unusual image of George Martin, as he appears in a Japanese manga-style illustrated biography of John Lennon. The pocket-sized book is aimed at children and presented by the popular cartoon character, "Astroboy." According to fan Akira Nagiyama, the dialogue reads: "They insist they like to record their own song as a debut record. I have persuaded them to record a song by a professional songwriter in vain. That's what everybody in this business does, though." (Thanks for the translation, Akira!)

You Know His Name (Mix Up The Letters)

Try your hand at anagram-making! Jumble the letters of Sir George's name and see what you can find. Send them in and be published on this page! Here are some to get you started:

George Martin: rare gem got in, gent or mirage, magi or regent, gig era mentor, gear not grime.
Sir George Martin: gee I'm Ringo Starr, I am Signor Regret (not really Sir George, but Mike Smith, the producer from Decca, who turned the Beatles down!).

Baby, You Can Drive His Car!

According to The Beatles Files, a book of photographs compiled by Andy Davis from the UK's Daily Mirror archive, this photo-shoot has an interesting Sir George connection. It apparently took place on 15 January 1965 in the carpark at EMI's Abbey Road Studios just after John obtained his driver's licence, and he is seated in none other than George Martin's vehicle! Was it simply handy for a lovely photo opportunity, or could this mean John took his driving test in Sir George's car...?

     John in George Martin's car

Do you have any Sir George-related trivia, wordplay or pictures you'd like to contribute? Please email with your name, location and message. Thank you!

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