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From the all-star "Music for Montserrat" benefit concert in 1997 to the "Yesterday for Montserrat" charity auction in 2001, Sir George and Lady Martin have worked tirelessly to raise funds to build a National Cultural Centre on the volcano-ravaged island. The Montserrat Reporter put together this special page of speeches and photographs from the ground-breaking ceremony before construction officially commenced.



Read an excellent interview by Mel Lambert, covering Sir George's thoughts on his role as producer, his work after the Beatles, and his remarkable career.


Listen to a fantastic 14-minute RealMedia interview, complete with audio montage, recorded in Melbourne during Sir George's Playback promotional tour of Australia in 2002.


Sit in on another charming chat with Sir George, as you hear an 11-minute RealMedia interview recorded in Sydney during the 2002 Playback tour.


Enjoy this thoughtful and wide-ranging "audience with Sir George," as he toured Australia with Playback in October 2002.


A revealing 2002 interview in which Sir George shares his love of classical music, his concerns for modern music, and how much he misses George Harrison.


Read Geo Sound's exclusive Q&A from late 2002 -- a kaleidoscope of questions from a fan who followed Sir George into music production.


Visit Yahoo for the transcript of a rare online chat with Sir George in 2001, when net users asked about his favourite albums and musical moments.


A great interview conducted in 1999 at Sir George's very own AIR Studios by two lucky members of Spain's Sgt Beatles Fanclub.


An interview covering trends in record production and the future of the music industry, with video footage of AIR Studios!


Sir George's interview at the 1998 Canadian Music Week is available on application here.


Visit CNN for an interview from late 1998, when In My Life seemed to herald Sir George's retirement from the studio.


Hear a lengthy interview from 1996, as Sir George leads KCRW Radio's listeners through the Beatles' Anthology 2.


Visit 21st Century Radio for an in-depth interview from 1995, delving into the Yellow Submarine soundtrack.


Visit Abbeyrd's Beatles Page for an exclusive 1987 interview by Allan Kozinn on the release of Beatles albums on CD in mono.


An historic 3-part interview from the pages of Melody Maker in 1971, shortly after the Beatles' break-up.



Visit the All Music Guide for the web's best discography, spanning Sir George's entire career in the music industry.


View a Quicktime clip of Sir George in 2002 performing "The Spider's Dance," which he composed at the tender age of seven!


Visit the official rec.music.beatles homepage, for an article by saki on Sir George's contribution to the Beatles' legacy.


Relive the 1993 Rio de Janeiro concert, with an exclusive report and photographs by Ricardo Pugialli, who helped bring George Martin to Brazil.


Don't miss this transcript of Sir George's stirring and inspiring 1989 Commencement Address at Berklee College of Music.


Five wonderful wav files with Sir George discussing the making and the meaning of Sgt Pepper.


Visit Air Studios for a timeline spanning Sir George's entire musical career.


Visit Ovation for a look at the message and the musicians behind Sir George's documentary series, The Rhythm Of Life.


Visit the Internet Movie Database for a list of Sir George's work in film and television, as composer, musical director, or as himself!


The All Music Guide's biography and discography for Geoff Emerick, Sir George's recording engineer and right hand man.


A nice tribute (complete with photo) for Geoff Emerick, who received the 2003 Technical Grammy Award.


Visit Abbeyrd's Beatles Page to read a newly-knighted Sir George's reply to a congratulatory note sent by Steve Marinucci.


Visit Dave Haber's Liverpool Beatles Album for the George Martin Portfolio, including RealAudio files.


An article on Sir George's role in the Beatles legend which makes great reading for Fab Four fans!


Visit the Beatles' official website to see George Martin's 360-degree view in Abbey Road Studio 2 as they record "I Want To Hold Your Hand."


Jump to the BBC for a RealAudio clip in which Sir George discusses adding a classical string quartet to "Yesterday."

Official Sites


AIR Studios: Sir George's very own music studio


Garageband.com: an Internet-based music talent initiative


George Martin Music: independent music publisher


Playback: the Illustrated Autobiography of George Martin


Produced by George Martin: a 6CD tribute to a 50-year career


Sir George Martin Presents: a 6CD series of classical music





Cilla Black


Gerry and the Pacemakers


The Goons: the ground-breaking British comedy trio


MBE (Mr Brian Epstein): the Beatles' devoted manager


Sixties British Pop Culture: music, film and television



Abbeyrd's Beatle News Briefs


Bagism: for fans of John Lennon and the Beatles


Beatlelinks.net: a searchable database of Beatle-related websites


Beatles Re-Generation: Beatlemania in the 21st Century


Penny Lane (is in my ears and in my eyes)


Steve Clifford's Website: A Meeting Place for Collectors

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