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30 November 2001 ~ BBC: George Harrison has died from lung cancer at the age of fifty-eight. Sir George said: "George was a wonderful musician and a fine human being...He had tremendous determination and application. He would craft his music meticulously with every little stitch in the canvas, and gradually built up his songwriting technique to a point where he became a great writer...George was a true friend, intensely loyal, caring deeply for those he loved, and he inspired much love in return. Now I believe, as he did, that he has entered a higher state. God give him peace." All our love to George's wife Olivia, son Dhani, and Beatle brothers Paul and Ringo. We love you, George. May you find the peace you always yearned for.


25 November 2001 ~ BBC: Apple confirms that the Beatles are in negotiations with acclaimed circus troupe Cirque du Soleil to create a Yellow Submarine musical for the London stage, a project Sir George is said to have long been interested in tackling.


30 September 2001 ~ At the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, Sir George spoke of the Fab Four in technicolor tones, but, in clear reference to July's tabloid incident, declared "I'm not going to talk about the Beatles personally ever again because one's words get distorted."


28 September 2001 ~ Abbeyrd's Beatle News Briefs: Sir George made a special appearance at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame on 26 September. He gave what was, according to fans, a captivating 2-hour interview in front of 150 lucky audience members.


3 August 2001 ~ Sir George has fallen victim to unscrupulous tabloid journalism. In July, the UK's Mail on Sunday published a quote in which Sir George allegedly stated that George Harrison "knows he is going to die soon." Appalled, both Georges vehemently denied this and they were vindicated when it was later revealed that the quote had been entirely fabricated.


2 July 2001 ~ Yahoo: Sir George held a rare webchat, revealing his favourite albums, tracks, and musical moments. When asked what his career brought that nothing else could, he replied, "Long term happiness, because I have been paid to do what I would have done anyway. That is - make music."


19 June 2001 ~ Sir George has criticised Oasis for modelling themselves on the Fab Four. He says Liam and Noel Gallagher "made a big mistake hitching their wagon to the Beatles so much. They are not the Beatles."


29 March 2001 ~ Sir George joins the cast of An All-Star Tribute To Brian Wilson, a one-off special event this evening at Radio City Music Hall, New York.


27 February 2001 ~ Ananova: Sir George has composed a six-minute soundtrack for an online conference, Aviation 2001. "The Stringbag Serenade," performed by the London Chamber Orchestra, commemorates the Swordfish biplanes a young George Martin flew during the Second World War.


17 February 2001 ~ Ananova: Sir George is said to be involved in a project headed by Yoko Ono and Michael Jackson to bring Yellow Submarine to the London stage.


14 February 2001 ~ BBC: Sir George has been lobbying the European Parliament for a strengthening of Internet piracy laws. "If there is no curb on this, you will stifle creativity...The John Lennon of the future will not materialise and that's too terrible to contemplate," he says.


25 January 2001 ~ Sir George has raised $800 000 for a $1.6 million cultural centre to be established on volcano-ravaged Montserrat. Sir George built a studio on the island in the late 1970s, and is hoping to help revitalise the region with the new 500-seat auditorium.


3 January 2001 ~ A Quicksilver Mind: Sir George celebrates his three-quarter century! Click here to read his online 75th birthday card.



12 October 2000 ~ Sir George received an extended standing ovation from a packed theatre at the presentation of his Making of Sgt. Pepper lecture at Harvard University. The 1500-strong audience included several famous musicians and music critics, as well as countless Beatles fans. His benefit appearance forms part of celebrations for the founder of the Revels organisation, John Langstaff, who has been a family friend since George Martin was his producer for EMI in the early 1960s.


30 May 2000 ~ Sir George has been invited to a private dinner at Prince Charles' Highgrove residence in Gloucestershire, in aid of the drug prevention charity Life Education Centres. Madonna, Mark Knopfler, and Michael Parkinson will also attend the gala event.


28 May 2000 ~ Sir George is spotted at the Chelsea Flower Show in London (which George Harrison and Ringo are known to have attended in recent years). Sir George explains that his wife is a keen gardener, and quips that Paul and George also have several green thumbs between them.


6 May 2000 ~ BBC: Sir George has appeared as a guest presenter at the UK's first-ever Classical Brit Awards in London's Royal Albert Hall.


26 April 2000 ~ Sir George has unveiled a plaque at the original HMV store in Oxford Street, London, where Brian Epstein transferred the Beatles' demo to disc. Sir George observed, "If he hadn't come in here, I would never have heard them -- who knows what might have happened."


12 April 2000 ~ BBC: Sir George has donated a French horn to an Instrument Amnesty organised by BBC's Music Live and the National Foundation for Youth Music. The scheme distributes musical instruments to schoolchildren and community music groups.


23 March 2000 Chicago-area tribute band American English is billing itself as "The Complete Beatles Experience." This could be true: the role of Sir George is played by keyboardist Ken Zemanek, who says, "As Martin, my job is to complete the band's sound onstage."


29 February 2000 ~ Sir George is to present his Making Of Sgt. Pepper multimedia lecture on 28 April at the Ole Blues Festival in Bergen, Norway.


5 January 2000 ~ Jeff Beck's guitar cover version of "A Day In The Life," from Sir George's 1998 In My Life album, has been nominated for a Grammy award in the Best Pop Instrumental Performance category. Congratulations!



30-31 December 1999 ~ Sir George reacts to the assault of George and Olivia Harrison by an intruder in their UK home, saying, "I am astonished and naturally appalled by this." As the Harrisons recover in hospital, Paul and Ringo send all their love, and our thoughts are with them.


2 November 1999 ~ BBC: Sir George is one of Britain's top 300 achievers of the century attending a luncheon to mark the approaching new millennium. The guests joined the Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh at the event, which was given by the Lord Mayor of London.


1 November 1999 ~ BBC: Sir George pays tribute at the funeral of Bobby Willis, the late husband of Cilla Black, in Denham, Buckinghamshire, UK. Paul McCartney, Ringo Starr and Gerry Marsden send wreaths of condolence.


21 October 1999 ~ Sir George becomes chairman of the advisory board of, a new Internet music initiative, saying, "Young talent is something that remains very close to my heart and I am looking forward to hearing some of the great new bands that are out there."


3 September 1999 ~ Sir George is joined by Neil Aspinall, the Beatles' road manager and now head of Apple Corps, at the world premiere of the newly-restored Yellow Submarine film at Liverpool's International Beatle Week on 30 August.


6 June 1999 ~ Seven original scores were stolen during the intermission at Sir George's concert of orchestral Beatles music in Jerusalem. After a radio appeal, six manuscripts were returned, so two days later, at the next concert in Tel Aviv, the show could go on.


3 June 1999 ~ Decades after the Fab Four first performed there, Sir George will conduct an all-star orchestra in a special tribute to the Beatles at the Hollywood Bowl on 25 June.


1 June 1999 ~ Thirty-five years after the Beatles were banned from performing there, Sir George heads for the the Israel Festival in Tel Aviv, to conduct a rendition of original Beatles scores which he orchestrated and arranged.


27 May 1999 ~ Sir George is involved as executive producer with a series of recordings on the Canadian Atma label. First to be released is Women Write Music, which features the UK's Foundation Philharmonic Orchestra, and showcases classical music by 20th-century women composers.


21 May 1999 ~ BBC: Earl Spencer, brother of the late Princess Diana, purchases Sir George's score of Elton John's Candle In The Wind '97 at a charity auction.


15 March 1999 ~ Rock and Roll Hall of Fame: Sirs George Martin and Paul McCartney are named as 1999 inductees. Sir George responds, "I am very honoured to be placed in a galaxy alongside many of my own heroes."


February-March 1999 ~ Abbeyrd's Beatles Page: Sir George tours the USA with a multimedia presentation entitled The Making of Sgt. Pepper. Visit Abbeyrd's page for news and many reviews of the tour.



23 October 1998 ~ BBC: The British music industry will pay tribute to Sir George on Friday evening when he receives the annual Music Industry Trusts Award at a dinner held in his honour at Grosvenor House Hotel in London. (Once there, scroll down to the 3rd story.)


20 October 1998 ~ BBC: Sir George will donate the score for the world's best-selling single, Candle In The Wind '97, to be auctioned for charity.


15 October 1998 ~ Jam! Canada: Sir George's acclaimed In My Life album pays tribute to the Beatles in a range of tracks performed by world-famous musicians and actors. These articles highlight Sir George's celebrity collaborations throughout the project. (Once there, scroll down for earlier stories.)


23 June 1998 ~ BBC: Sir George is to receive the annual Music Industry Trusts Award for his services to UK recording.


16 June 1998 ~ BBC: Sir George told a conference of senior police officers that record companies had a responsibility in the portrayal of drugs.


27 May 1998 ~ BBC: Songwriters and composers have staged a campaign to protect their trade from the "free-for-all" spirit of the Internet, forming the campaign group British Music Rights. Sir George attended the launch of the group's manifesto at Festival Hall in London.


13 February 1998 ~ Sir George announces that he will be retiring from the studio, with the In My Life album, a star-studded tribute to the Beatles, acting as finale to his stellar musical career.


January 1998 ~ A Quicksilver Mind: Sir George tours Australia, conducting an orchestral extravaganza entitled All You Need Is Beatles. Click here for Tayler's account of a dramatic sell-out concert at the Sydney Opera House.



22 October 1997 ~ ABC (Australia): Candle In The Wind '97, Elton John's tribute to the late Princess Diana, becomes the best-selling single of all time, and Sir George's 30th number one hit in the UK.


15 September 1997 ~ MACCA Central: Paul McCartney, Eric Clapton and Elton John are among the stars to join Sir George at the sell-out "Music For Montserrat" benefit concert, which raised over $1 million for the inhabitants of the volcano-ravaged island.



15 June 1996 ~ Harald Gernhardt's Beatles Page: George Martin will henceforth be known as "Sir George," after receiving a knighthood in the Queen's birthday honours list.

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