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A tribute to Sir George Martin from his fans
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"I find it just amazing that a classic sounding Englishman, who not only worked for EMI, but actually had a sense of humor, excellent style, and an ear for something different. This man was on the same level in many ways as the Beatles themselves. He had worked hard for what he wanted at EMI, Parlaphone, and with AIR Studios. He is an inspiration to me, and countless others who feel sometimes that talent won't do it alone, hard work and dedication are equal forces in that. The professionalism that he brought to the studio could be used very much so right now." ~ Jason C Piecuch, USA

"'Cos he's a genius! He made the beatles's songs! God bless him!" ~ Beto Iannicelli, Brasil

"Thirty-seven years after first hearing the Beatles, I continue to be charmed, moved, and elated by their music. As I read more about the making of the Beatles' recordings, my admiration for Sir George's bountiful musical and production talents increases. It is obvious that Sir George was an absolutely essential force in their success, and that without him, their songs would not have touched us in that extraordinary way. I am in awe of his accomplishments and his integrity. Thank you, Sir George, for signing the Beatles, and for giving the world a treasury of pop and rock classics that will live on and on." ~ Patricia Garcia, USA

"he created one of the best bands in the world, cause lets not underestimate the posible contributions that producers make to great sounding albums. his contribution is obvious!" ~ Caspar, Amsterdam

"I pursued my career in music, graduated with a degree in Orchestration from Berklee College of Music - Boston - because of the influence George Martin had in my life. Each orchestration I produce for a musician on his CD reflects a bit of Sir George in me." ~ Derry D Hirsch, USA

"I can't begin to add the hours of enjoyment I have gotten from listening to the Beatles. Thousands of hours would not be over estimating the time I've spent with that music. For all that joy, George Martin should be called the 5th Beatle! He's great, a huge part of the Beatle story...That still continues." ~ Rick Peppers, USA

"He is the 5th Beatle! That's enough. Without him we would never have heard the magnificent musical moments such as the piano solos in 'Lovely Rita' and 'In my life', all wonderful orchestrations, or the circus effects of 'Benefit of Mr Kite' to name but a few." ~ Bjorn Blomquist, Sweden

"It's been said that, to the ancients, modern technology would be indistinguishable from magic. That mere mortals were able to manipulate the cold hardware of the studio and post house into music and atmosphere that seemed to spring directly from the sub-conscious is, to me, pure magic." ~ Robert P Marshall, USA

"I first became a Beatles fan at the age of 10, just knowing that I really loved the music and the lyrics. I didn't understand anything about producers and just how important they were to the quality of a recording. It wasn't until my mother told me about George Martin that I began hearing and reading of his importance to not just the Beatles, but the music industry. It is often said that many groups have emulated their sound from the music of the Beatles. They should say they have emulated George Martin as well. This I researched on my own. My mother only mentioned him to me because she is his cousin! (My mother's maiden name is Irene Martin. Her mother was the sister to George's mom, who was affectionately known to the family as Aunt Sis'.)" ~ Steven Copeland, USA

"Incredible sense of arrangement, timing, and allowing others to 'experiment' while maintaining control." ~ Frank Clifford, USA

"I met Sir George in the late 70's when I was the lead singer for a group called 'Dr Hook'. Sir George was the musical supervisor for a film titled 'Honkytonk Freeway' which was to include performances from a few different artists and for a short period of time 'Dr Hook' was one of the groups considered to be on the soundtrack. We met Sir George in Muscle Shoals, Alabama at a recording studio. We played some of our next album for him and sang a few songs 'live' (WE were auditioning for HIM... we KNEW who HE was!) and then we all went to dinner. He was a very warm person, with an engaging personality. I was most impressed by how gracious he was about answering questions I know he must have answered thousands of times...about what it was like in the studio with The Beatles and if they knew they were changing the world with every word they sang and note they played. He was very quick to say that he was 'lucky' to have been associated with talent like that and how if it weren't for the guys he might have continued recording comedy albums and symphonic music. It takes an extremely humble, generous man to undersell the crucial role he played in probably the greatest 'showbiz' story EVER! As it turned out, 'Hook' didn't get on the soundtrack (not sure why) but I will always have the pleasure of knowing that I had the opportunity to spend some time around one of THE GREATS. By the way, Sir George had a wonderful sense of humor and was quick to laugh...and a lovely laugh it was too! And that's my George Martin Story... " ~ Dennis Locorriere, USA

"Dear Sir George, You are and always have been a musical genius. You are well respected in the music industry and fellow musicians would love to be where you are and to have done what you have done. But they could not have done what you have done because you are the man, the musical arranger who was destined to be an important figure in the music industry." ~ Jackie Rowbotham, South Yorkshire, UK

"There are few persons in this world who have been 'who they are' better than Sir George Martin. Without him we would never have known about a little band from Liverpool, or even know where Liverpool is! The role of a producer is defined by George. Reading Mark Lewisohn's book, shows the indespensible role he played. The recording industry owes him a debt of gratitude. Direct to wax thru 4 track would never have been the same, without him (or within him!) BRAVO! good job! ...'thou good and faithful servant'" ~ Kurt, USA

"Many a thing qualifies Sir George Martin for 5th Beatledom. It could be his dashing charm, his experimental enthusiasm or indeed his sheer genius, take your pick. George Harrison pointed out that Sir George doesn't have taste when it comes to ties. However when it comes to music his taste is supreme, matching no other. He knew the Beatles had the 'Something' capable of launching them into stardom, and to his credit he assisted them to the toppermost of the poppermost, where Brian Epstein was always confident they would climb. He is the stuff of legends, our very own, St George." ~ Rowena, Australia

"I worked in the national ballet centre in Toronto, and Sir George Martin was in one of the studios interviewing and casting for a musical I believe on his life, but did not ever take. I did not know who Sir George was or that he was connected with the Beatles. When I told a co-worker that he was in the studio he freaked. He is a very very big Beatle fan as I am now. I heard remarks from some of the people that auditioned for Sir George that he was very polite and kind compared to a few nobodies that were helping him. I wish I had known who he was at the time. I would like to meet the gentleman one of these days." ~ Paul Rochon, Canada

"In all the documentaries and news items he has appeared in he has always been the perfect gentleman. He remains that way today and will undoubtedly always be so. The Beatles were, and still are, a massive force in popular music BUT they can thank their lucky stars that Sir George Martin was there to guide them." ~ Syd Buxton, England

"George Martin is brillant, what more can you say!!" ~ Dennis McClung, USA

"It all began when I was five on my first album when at the bottom of Meet The Beatles, I first saw this name produced by George Martin and wondered who is this wonderful person. It didn't take long to find out that this man had truly a magical imagination. Please don't stop now Sir George because I believe the best is yet to come. WE ALL LOVE YOU SIR GEORGE!!!!!" ~ Jimmy Dudula, USA

"I'm 33 years old...year 2000, and I've been a Martin/Beatles fan since I've been born! Enough said!" ~ Adam Wakely, British Columbia, Canada

"Any talk about anybody else being the 'Fifth Beatle' is hogwash. George Martin is truly the Fifth Beatle, and that is meant as a heartfelt compliment. But to confine his legacy to only the Fab Four is doing a great injustice to a man who has had a tremendous impact on the whole music industry. And, more importantly, he strikes me in the interviews I've seen as a genuinely good person - a very likable fellow. I think he has definitely helped to make the world a better place. Thank you, Sir George!!!" ~ Clifton Parsons, USA

"I easily and whole heartedly grin every time I see Sir George in an interview, listen to him being interviewed, or see either an old or new photograph of him. His presence, his absolute genius, his gentlemanly modesty about his own accomplishments and his generous willingness to give others their full credit! My total admiration and respect for this man just continues to grow! ... How I'd so love to interview him!" ~ David Clarke, USA

"With reading the story of George Martin and the Beatles, I am just so thankful that he took the chance and let Brian bring the boys to meet him...The managers now don't work hard enough for their artists. George Martin gave them that break that they needed. He is a great producer...I just wish that my son could have the chance to work with someone as great as George Martin. As far as I'm concerned he was the 5th Beatle!" ~ Barbara Burke, USA

"Back in 1964, I told my parents that the Beatles would last forever. They laughed and said it would be lucky if they were still around in 6 months. Years later, when I began to realize what an incredibly brilliant, insightful man George Martin really is, I smiled because I knew why that original statement I made was correct." ~ Margot Worthington, USA

"There are moments throughout history when forces meet to produce something good for all. These forces merged and gave us extraordinary music in the form of the Beatles and George Martin. They together had a very profound effect on many people's lives and those people are the better for that meeting. Some things were just meant to happen. May all five find happiness and peace in this universe." ~ Steve Emerson, USA

"George: I admire your work, not only with the Beatles, but as a producer. I think you are a true gentleman, can I meet you one day? It will be the happiest day of my life!!!" ~ Genaro Favela, Mexico

"You are fantastic!" ~ Arian Krizan, Sweden

"I am a fan of George Martin, because of what he did to the music industry. I know lots of people who don't even know who he is and I say How can you not know a legend like him. George Martin is a very interesting person. I am glad to know he was a big part of music. I just hope one day I can meet him." ~ Hanna Kitchingman, Ontario, Canada

"George Martin ist the fifth Beatle." ~ Joachim Gerke, Germany

"There are not enough words to express the power of a man who can shape the future of music while accepting so little acclaim for himself. I especially admire how Sir Martin negotiated the hallways of popular music while not indulging in self destruction." ~ Siobhan Lois O Quinn, The South

"Sir George is 'the quintessential English gentleman' whose contribution as the fifth Beatle was as a representative of the best of tradition, the old order, even if he was so unconsciously, culturally, as part of his generation (half a generation older than the Fabs). He was a vital part of the group's magic, from the classical flourishes (real classical, definitely NOT Muzak!) in several songs to the music-hall sound of 'Sgt Pepper'. As an original composer he had talent too, as 'Pepperland' shows. His harmony with the rest of the group is also proof that, even though they also got a lot from American black and country music, the Beatles were very much in the same European cultural tradition, within which there was still much vitality and room to experiment, and the result wasn't cacophony but pure brilliance and a whole lot of fun as well. So that's why I'm a Sir George fan." ~ John Beeler, USA

"I know that it takes a heart of gold and a very loving spirit for a person to be like Sir George Martin. Only people who possess such qualities can achieve his influence on this world. The man is a true example of how a person can represent the joy of defeating vanity and enjoy helping others reach their goals. I saw Sir George Martin on an interview with cilina kyle and knew that he is a twin to my late beloved Father and my god father as well to whom I owe so much. My life's dream was to see him in person and perhaps get a chance to work with or for him. Such an honor can be a life achievement on its own." ~ Moody el emam, Egypt

"Exquisite taste combined with a daring mind and adventurous approach define the work of Sir George Martin. And I'd just like to say thanks." ~ Fred W Harris, USA

"I became interested in the creation and analysis of Beatles music while I was in college. As a music major, I had to take music history classes in several genres and periods, and one that I opted to take was Music of the 20th Century...When the time came to select our topics for our research papers, the Beatles seemed an obvious choice, because I have been a lifelong fan. My paper argued that the Sgt. Pepper album wasn't as suddenly innovative and groundbreaking as most people believe...During the course of writing that paper, I became very aware of all that George Martin did for the Beatles. I had always listened to the music, but before that time I had just appreciated it at face value, not bothering to tear it apart and analyze it. I've been a George Martin fan ever since! The opportunity of a lifetime came this past March when I was fortunate enough to be able to attend the Chicago stop on George Martin's lecture tour on the making of Sgt. Pepper. I knew pretty much everything he talked about, but just to be in the same room with him and hear things straight from a man who saw it all firsthand was too amazing for words. In conclusion...I LOVE SIR GEORGE MARTIN! He has made amazing contributions to the music industry, and although he's best known for being the Beatles' producer, his impact on music is felt all around." ~ Winona, USA

"I've been a lifetime fan of Sir George for many reasons. Mostly because he not only knew what needed to be done to get across an artist's ideas, but could flawlessly create them, drawing on the vast history of music gleaned from a lifetime of exposure." ~ Phil Mann, USA

"Martin's professionalism and sincerity comes through in his speaking voice alone. I could listen to him recite a cookbook, so mellifluous is his accent. I watch my videotapes of the Anthology over and over again, just to hear the parts where he speaks. I'm not religious, but there must have been a higher power that brought this quiet gentleman genius together with the Beatles (and so many other artists) to guide and polish their work. If there was ever a truly worthy recipient of Knighthood, this stately, imaginative, talented gentleman is the best exemplar. He didn't need the official honor to warrant being called 'Sir.'" ~ Ted Fry, USA

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