AGS Seminar June 15 2003


   ~~ Ethics ~~


"So act as to make thyself a better time-binder,

 so act as to enable others to use their time-binding capabilities more effectively." (Weinberg).

Is this the "Golden Rule" of general-semantics?

We considered some issues

 at the personal, community and global level.


Presenter: Robert James


1. Reflections, Reviews Re-evaluations of our Recent Seminars


"Problem Solving"

"Personal Relationships"


2. "But It's Just a 'Little White Lie"

A role-playing exploration


3. "The AGS Communications Clinic"

A little skit, with apologies to Monty Python!


4. "The End Justifies the Means"

Exploration of contemporary issues


*** Lunch ***


5. "Some Systems of Ethics"

Recognising the time-binding process


6. "Bored?   Game?"

Some novel activity to "lower the tone"


7. "On the Horns of a Dilemma"

Personal (Intrinsic), Family

Personal Relationships (Friends)

Professional, Community, Global Ethical Dilemmas


8. GS Business and Seminar Plans

What's Coming Up?



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