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The reality we manage to get into our heads is largely that reality which is abstracted through our symbol systems.


Time-binding: The uniquely human ability to build on the accumulated knowledge of others, potentially to an exponential degree.

Australian General Semantics Society Inc.

First National Conference

27-29 August 2010


"A Dramatic Expo of GS Distinctions"

by Chris, Claire, Helen, Jaqui-Lee, Yendrick
and Helpers

After Dinner on Saturday,
just when we thought it might be safe
to venture beyond GS waters,
we were drawn into a stunning "Expo"
interactive illustration of some GS formulations ...

Will we ever be able to view the "Space Beagle"
the same way again .. ?

Will we not be better able to use an Assumption Bypass
to extricate ourselves from a dank, dark dungeon?

Will Helen's cookies ever taste the same,
after being subjected to the Happiness Formula?

Will Puppy Poppy live well with Colgate-cleansed fangs,
imbued with an enhanced sense of canine purpose?

Will Bridget's self-confidence ever be restored
by application of effective map-territory harmonisation?

Will Fetu ever be able to scrub the Happiness Formula
from the Kitchen wall?

Will we ever find the keys to the Kingdom?

These, and many other tantalising questions
will never be revealed to those who missed
"The Dramatic Expo of GS Distinctions" !

A new interpretation of the Space Beagle?




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