Some Links ot GS Organisations and Resources

GS groups

AGS The Australian Society of General Semantics Inc,
based in Sydney, Australia
ESGS The European Society for General Semantics
based in France
IGS The Institute of General Semantics
based in Fort Worth, USA

Some individuals' sites

MacNeal Ed MacNeal's web site
for decision making and mathsemantics
Kenyon Ralph Kenyon's GS web site
Nierenberg Gerard Nierenberg's negotiating site

Other GS related sites

GS defined At Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.
GS for kids Some General Semantics fun for Kids.
GS books General Semantics book list.
Korzybski Korzybski references on the Psych Index.

Note:  While I find these sites interesting, and I hope you will too, I don't necessarily condone or agree with all that they say. 

David Hewson


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