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The reality we manage to get into our heads is largely that reality which is abstracted through our symbol systems.


Time-binding: The uniquely human ability to build on the accumulated knowledge of others, potentially to an exponential degree.

Australian General Semantics Society Inc.

First National Conference

27-29 August 2010


Reflections on the Conference

Some loved it.

Some became tired.

Some had wonderful discussions.

Some learnt how to pronounce "van Vogt"

Some thought parts of it were inappropriate.

Some thought it didn't achieve (all) its objectives.

Some weren't sure exactly what our objectives were.

Some were delighted at bringing together the national threads.

Some people came together from different cities for the first time.



And of course, there's the "Happy Conference Survivors Group ...

(David, Tom, Pauline, Earl, Laurie, Jeanne and Robert)


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