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The reality we manage to get into our heads is largely that reality which is abstracted through our symbol systems.


Time-binding: The uniquely human ability to build on the accumulated knowledge of others, potentially to an exponential degree.

(Some of the) AGS Events in 2010

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Sat 27 February 2010
"GS formulations as a system”
How do we organise our GS knowledge?
What links can we make between formulations
and what main organising formulations or hubs can we find in GS, such as abstraction.
This helped refresh our GS knowledge,
and acted a a good introduction to GS as a system.
Led by David Hewson.
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Sun 14 March
"Sharing and Teaching GS"
How to bring S&S to the masses –
Do we start with ourselves?
What have outstanding GS teachers to offer
that we can use?
Led by Robert James & Laurie Cox
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Sun 18 April
"Non Violent Communication (NVC)"
NVC techniques help people to communicate
with greater compassion and clarity,
and avoid naming, blaming, and shaming.
NVC can also help "teach" people how to resolve conflicts peacefully.
The talk was based on an "E-Prime and EMA and NVC"
article by Lois Einhorn, a Professor of Rhetoric at Binghamton University.
Led by David Hewson.
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Sun 16 May
"Enemies of Science"
Alternative / Complementary Therapies
Richard Dawkins warns that "We should be open-minded,
but not so open-minded that our brain falls out!”
Led by Dion Wilton.
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Sun 20 June
" Logical Fate and our Premises"
A discussion facilitated by Pauline,
on finding our P1s (irrational beliefs)
and turning them into P2s (rational beliefs).
And hence increasing our rational behaviour!
She introduced it via exercises and discussion,
with a more therapeutic focus.
This was a particularly participatory session!
Led by Pauline Davis.
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Sun 25July
"Cause and Effect Formulations"
Ways we looks at cause and effect,
and how GS formulations relate to these.
Led by David Hewson.
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Sun 15 August
"Here's Something About GS -
A Primer for Making Sense of Your World"

The thoughts of Steve Stockdale',
former IGS Director, advocating an informed, open,
and tolerant world view that’s consistent with what we know, without deference to dogmas, traditions, or what passes for culturally-dependent "common sense".
Also preparation for the National Conference.
Led by Robert James.
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Fri 27 - Sun 29 August
National Conference in Melbourne.
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Mon 30 August - Wed 1 September
United Nations NGOs Conference, Melbourne
(We will represent the Institute)
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There will be no seminar this month as we will be recovering
from the AGS National Conference and the UN NGO Conference
in early September. Yes, we some time off, to practise our homework!

Sun 10 October
... "A certain wedding ... ! "

Sun 31 Rocktober
[It's on this date so that the lovely couple
have time to get back from their honeymoon]
"The Four Horsemen of the Problem-Solving Apocalypse"
A day on how we make errors, what to do about it,
and problem solving.

Led by David Hewson

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Sat 20November
"Scientific Method and Falsification"
How does scientific method work and what is falsification?
And how can we use this in our discussions and lives.
Led by David Hewson

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