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Seminar Summary - 11 March 2012


"Skills for Effective Thinking"

Today's seminar is based on Kenneth Keyes' book
"How to Develop Your Thinking Ability" 
It applies GS formulations to getting along with others, having a happier marriage, thinking effectively in business, and causal problem solving.

Led by Mr David Hewson
at Pauline and Gavan's stunning Seminar Centre: "Clifftop View".

We were saddened this month by the absence of Laurie, in hospital for a couple of weeks.  We certainly hope and expect a return next month, of his cheerful countenance, tales of applying GS in meetings with people, and ascerbic commentary on our lack of rigour, without which the groups is never quite the same.

We reviewed Kenneth Keyes' book “How to develop Your Thinking Ability”

It gives a basic introduction to GS using the following thinking tools:

  1. “So far as I know”
  2. “Up to a point”
  3. “To me”
  4. What Index
  5. When index (i.e. dating) .
  6. Where index.

These are mainly based on Korzybski’s extensional devices of: indexing, dating and etc.  Also they relate to the formulations about coping with “Either/Or” distortion and reminding ourselves about our viewpoints.

We applied the six tools to:

  1. Getting along with others,
  2. How to have a happier marriage,
  3. Using the scientific method to improve your thinking in business, and
  4. How the tools can help us with causal thinking, "why things happen the way they do"!

These factors, and many more, are part of the process causing us to not be perceiving and responding to reality ("territory") accurately ("mapping").

Next Meeting:

April Sun 15 2012

"How to Feel Happier"
This seminar teaches Korzybski's GS happiness formulation
and other ways to make yourself happier,
based on modern scientific research.

Leg, once again by Mr David Hewson.
10:30am - 4:30pm at Bonnet Bay, Sydney, Australia




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