Some Links to GS Organisations and Resources

GS groups

   Australian Society for General Semantics (Sydney, Australia)

Institute of General SemanticsGS (Fort Worth, USA).

New York Society for General Semantics (New York, USA).

European Society for General Semantics (France).

Balvant Parekh Centre (India).

Individuals' Sites:

   Heffer  Dominic Heffer, Painter and Philosopher (UK).

   Kenyon Ralph Kenyon's GS web site.

   Kodish  Bruce Kodish's "Korzybski Files" blog.

MacNeal   Ed MacNeal: decision making and mathsemantics.

   Nierenberg: Gerard Nierenberg's negotiating site.


GS defined At Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

GS for kids Some General Semantics fun for Kids.

Korzybski Korzybski references on the Psych Index.

Note:  While these sites contain useful and important material,
AGS does not necessarily agree with all that they say!




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