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Seminar Summary - 23rd May 2015


"Introduction to Communication and Thinking Skills"

Learn how to think, evaluate and communicate better. We will also talk about formulations to help improve your learning effectiveness and happiness.

"Bottlebrush Room"
at the Corrimal District Library15 Short Street, Corrimal.

Led by Mr David Hewson

We started, as usual, with "catch-up" on the life and times of the participants, who hail from near and far for today's gathering.  There is clearly a significant "social" component in the motivation of our members, who make a considerable effort to be here each month.

GS Diary
In the spirit of "applying general semantics principles" to our lives, as opposed to dwelling in theory, we considered members' accounts of observations and applications relating to the principles and formulations of our discipline.

Introduction to Communication and Thinking Skills

David led us through a variety of communication and thinking skills.

Thank you David!

Business Meeting

The usual: Plans for the year: Dates and places of meetings, international liaisons, finances etc.

Next Meeting:

Sun June 21st
Alfred Korzybski, Carl Jung and the Buddha to to Lunch!
A space-time-defying (hypothetical) trialogue,
when Gautama ("the Buddha"), Dr Carl Jung, and Count Alfred Korzybski will be joining us for lunch …
Distinguished company indeed, but WE will be playing a role!
Some timeless principles and challenging questions will be applied to contemporary issues.
Do not expect the mouthing of platitudes this time.
Led by Robert

WritingThis is a "living document", subject to ongoing evolution as recollections re-emerge from our memories of the event, and are re-evaluated in light of ongoing experience and reflection.  It will never be "the full truth and nothing but the truth", or "a map that expresses everyone's notion of the territory"!

Disclaimer: This "summary" is a collection of notes derived from our discussion by a number of means.  It is by no means a scholarly dissertation on the subject as presented.  It does not purport to be the "policy of AGS".  Comment and criticism (constructive or otherwise) is welcome.  If anyone has been misquoted, copyrights infringed or confidences betrayed, please Contact us.


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