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Saturday 12 March
"GS Formulations for Problem-Solving (2016)"
An introduction to General Semantics,
in which we learned formulations that can help us to solve problems.
Presented by Mr David Hewson.

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Saturday 30 April
"Drive Yourself Sane"

Using the Uncommon Sense of General Semantics ... 
“ We revisited Susan and Bruce Kodish’s work of 15 years ago,  
see what might have changed in that time,
and how we can apply their principles in search of greater sanity.
Presented by Robert James
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Saturday 19 June
Interpersonal Relationships"

A general introduction to interpersonal relationships,
be they with your spouse, friends, team mates, competitors etc.
We also looked at how GS can help improve some relationships.
Led by David.
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Sunday 23 October
"Buddhist General Semantics

A New Approach to Buddhist Religion and its Philosophy.  We considered how this ancient religion (or “a-theism”) is still alive and growing, in light of Bruce Kodish’s book that we studied in April, the (hypothetical) visits by the Buddha himself, and Alfred Korzybski’s G.S. formulations. 
Led by Robert James
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Sunday 20 November
"Behavioural Change via Changing Our Premises"

We used Differential Diagnosis to go from the faulty theory T1 to the faulty premise P1.  This is then changed to a better premise P2, from which logically flows the better theory T2.  It was, indeed, a challenging day!

Led by David.
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