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Jeanne and Robert's Visit to the Institute in New York City


11-13 October

2019 Alfred Korzybski Memorial Lecture and Symposium

Princeton Club, New York City

Robert and Jeanne travelled to USA and Canada on a little holiday in September-October 2019, and in particular, attended the 2019 AKML Memorial lecture and Symposium in New York City.

Since 1952, the Institute of General Semantics has sponsored the annual Alfred Korzybski Memorial Lecture (AKML), a presentation given by a distinguished individual on a topic of interest to the field of general semantics.

The dinner and lecture event is sponsored by the Institute of General Semantics, and co-sponsored by the New York Society for General Semantics and the Media Ecology Association.

In 2019, the 67th Alfred Korzybski Memorial Lecture & Dinner featured an address by Professor Nadine Strossen of New York University, on the subject of "Hate Speech, Counterspeech …".

This year, our very-own Robert James was pleased and proud to accept the 2019 Talbot Winchell Award for services to general semantics.  This in recognition of the great loyalty and commitment of AGS people on supporting the cause over so many years, particularly our friends Laurie (dec.), David, Pauline, Gavan and Jeanne.

He also presented a talk at the Symposium, entitled "Changes in Free Speech, Hate Speech and Human Rights in Australia - a general semantics perspective". 


Robert's visit to NYC for the 2012 AKML (seven years ago),

The Alfred Korzybski Memorial Lectures:
   The Institute's Lecture Series website,
   Nadine Strossen's 2019 Lecture: "Hate Speech, Counterspeech ... "

The Institute's You-Tube recordings.

The 2019 J. Talbot Winchell Award- to Robert James:
   Presentation of the Award, by Jacqueline Rudig
Acceptance Speech (MS Word file),
   Acceptance Speech (video),

The 2019 Symposium: Robert James' presentation:
"Changes in Free Speech, Hate Speech and Human Rights in Australia -
 a general semantics Perspective": 
   Presentation (MS Word file),
   Presentation (video).

Next Meeting in Sydney:

Saturday 30th November: "How Will We be Remembered?"
to be presented by Robert James.

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