Some Processes of Distorting Reality
(which can be improved
by applying general semantics principles)

By "formulations", we just mean "important principles".

1. Either/Or thinking,
e.g. “There are only two sorts of people in the world:
those who see things in black and white and those who don’t.”

2. Over-generalisation,
e.g. “Everyone thinks I’m an old fool.”

3. Filtering,
e.g. “I fail at all my projects.”

and ... Fact-Inference confusion,

4. Mind-reading,
e.g. “They all think I am boring.”

5. Emotional reasoning,
e.g. "I feel bad – so things must be bad!"

6. Fortune-telling,
e.g. “I will never get another job as good as this one.”

7. Personalisation,
e.g. “Those comments were about me.”

These, and many other valuable principles, are set out nicely in the book “Choose to be happy”, where we can also learn about other misevaluations.such as ...
* Demanding( musturbation, moralising) and
* Catastrophising (awfulising and can’t-stand-it-itis.)



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