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AGS People - Mr David Hewson        


Our friend and key teacher David Hewson read Science and Sanity in two months in 1983, after being led to it by van Vogt's science fiction novels.  

He followed up quickly by reading Harry Weinberg's "Levels of Knowing and Existence" and Rapoport's "Operational Philosophy", and attending the "Intro to GS Course" in Connecticut.

Excited by this introduction, he re-read "Science and Sanity", and went on in 1991 to train for the "Advanced Teaching Certificate" with Bob Pula and Professor Stuart Mayper.

David also attended Poughkeepsie's "Intro" seminar in New York in 1997/98.

He then discovered that the Australian General Semantics Society resided just across the Tasman Sea in Sydney. 

We enticed him to leave his mum and join us in 1999, which was quite an acquisition for us. 
David has since presented at seminars in Australia, and had articles published in "ETC". 

In his journeys to the USA, David visited numerous GS people, forged strong personal ties, and was most grateful for the hospitality, encouragement and support  that he received there. 

One of  these contacts was Mr Ed MacNeal, whose work on the "Decision Atlas" has been the subject of a number of seminars presented by David in-person and on-line.

David Hewson has published some research on who had written articles in ETC.

David has a Bachelor of Science in Physics and mathematics from the University of Canterbury
and an M.Com (Hons) in Operations Research from Victoria University of Wellington.

His interests focus on communication theories, semiotics and the value of general semantics.

David lives in Towradji (near Wollongong) in Australia, and works in Information Technology.




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