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Updated by Robert James
8th September 2021

A non-profit organisation, which aims to provide a contact for people
interested in the psychological insights of Carl Gustav Jung.

Through monthly meetings, workshops, other activities and our library,
we seek to help people to understand their own inner journey
and the world today - from a Jungian perspective.

We normally meet at 7:30 for 8:00 pm on the first Friday of each month
at MacKillop House Conference Centre, 50 Archibald Street, Lyneham (See map).

Most recent postings to the website:

Video of Dr Richard Barz's presentation "The Prince and the Visir's Son"

Video of Robbie Tulip's presentation 2nd July: "The Age of Aquarius"

* Robbie Tulip's article: "Christianity for the Age of Aquarius"   .
Robbie Tulip's article: "Da Vinci Stellar Template Hypothesis"

(For many more items, see the "Resources, Articles" menu item at left)

Friday 8th October 2021

"The Scholastic Ideology of learning and Thinking

Driven by Questions rather than Answers"

PhD Student Timothy Hatfield

This month we are meeting only on-line, by Zoom.
See contact details, below.

Timothy Hatfield believes that learning and thinking are driven by questions rather than answers. He integrates this scholastic ideology into his teaching through the implementation of interactive resources and collaborative techniques that encourage students to explore complex ideas, igniting their passion for and engagement with psychology, and prompting them to see themselves as fellow explorers.

He encourages students to discover answers for themselves, by skillfully facilitating reflective and collaborative discussions within a productive and safe learning environment. The deep satisfaction that manifests following an audible "Aha!" of student comprehension, is the most gratifying part of tutoring for Timothy, and he aspires to facilitate these precious moments of excitement and mastery in all students by questioning effectively.

Timothy Hatfield has taught into four different courses since first taking on a tutoring position at ANU in 2014. He has played a vital role in the redesign of the Health Psychology course, and stamped his own mark on classes by independently implementing his own creative teaching techniques. He was recognised with a 2016 ANU Vice-Chancellor's Award for Excellence in Tutoring or Demonstrating, which followed his 2015 ANU College of Science Award for Excellence in Tutoring or Demonstrating.

    * We are not meeting in-person at MacKillop House this month (because of you-know-what!)
* On-line, via Zoom:
       Jung Soc members: Free (link will be emailed),
       Guests: $10 via

This month, we will meet by Zoom from 7:45 pm for Zoom-test and preliminary discussion,
Richard's presentation is at 8 pm for an hour or so,
then we
continue for questions and discussion, finishing before

Friday 5th November 2021

"Jung and the Dead

Active Imagination and the Unconscious Terrain"

Dr Stephani Stephens

at MacKillop House, 50 Archibald St, Lyneham, ACT (and by Zoom) 

Since the Since the publication of Jung's Red Book, significant amount of material on the dead has come to light and points to the possibility that when Jung referred to ‘the dead’ in his personal material he was, in fact, referring to the literal dead as a separate category of psychic experience.

In this presentation, Dr. Stephens introduces material from Jung’s Memories, Dreams, Reflections, and the Red Book, to raise questions about how Jung experienced the dead during his initial encounters with his visionary material.

Dr. Stephens will question some previously held assumptions about visionary encounters within the therapeutic technique known as ‘active imagination’ as well as raising the Jung's own questions about psychological inheritance and the work we do on behalf of our ancestors.

Stephani Stephens holds a PhD in Jungian Psychology from the University of Kent, Canterbury UK. She served on the Executive Committee of the International Association of Jungian Studies from 2004 to 2013. After a career of teaching Classics internationally, she currently lectures at the University of Canberra in Counselling. She is the author of C.G. Jung and the Dead: Visions, Active Imagination and the Unconscious Terrain.

Jung Society members free, Guests $15, Seniors/Concession $10.
Pay by cash at the door or bank transfer or by credit card via TryBooking.

Preliminary dinner with the Speaker et al is at 6:15pm at Lyneham.
RSVP Trish on (0432) 599 826 for location and details.

We meet from 7:30 pm for tea and coffee and snacks, music, discussion and library.
The Guest Speaker's presentation is at 8 pm for an hour or so,
then we resume for questions and discussion, finishing at 10pm.

Saturday 4th December 2021

Christmas Party!

at MacKillop House, 50 Archibald St, Lyneham, ACT 

(Details TBA)

(Time and details to be determined)



The Canberra Jung Society Inc. does not endorse and is not to be held responsible for the content of any lecture or advertisement, nor is any information or advice a substitute for professional counselling and therapy.

If you believe that we have inadvertently breached any copyright provision, please let us know and we will immediately rectify the matter.

Monthly Friday meetings:
      * For non-members is $15 or $10 Seniors/Concession (members free).

  * Special Events (eg workshops):
      * Costs are specific to those events.

  * Annual Membership entitles members to:
        * attend our 10 meetings at no cost,
        * receive two newsletters per year, and
        * share access to our extensive library.

     Cost for membership for a full year is $75 (or $60 concession), to be paid in March each year,

  * Pay at the door, or by bank transfer, or with credit card at TryBooking.

Everyone is welcome. 

We normally meet at 7:30pm on the first Friday each month for music and coffee and chat,
Guest Speaker at 8pm, break for supper around 9pm, resume for questions and discussion until 10pm.

Location: Usually at MacKillop House, 50 Archibald St, Lyneham, ACT.
                *** Please check the website for any changes to date/time and locaton of events ***

Web:   www.CanberraJungSociety.org.au
Email:  CanberraJungSociety@yahoo.com 
Postal: PO Box 554, Dickson, ACT 2602, Australia